Another record-setting outing raised $95K

for CancerFree Kids

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (June 27, 2022) – The 17th Annual Paxton’s Grill Golf Outing  set another record raising $95,000 for CancerFree Kids (CFK) surpassing the $85,000 raised just one year ago. 

In the space fo three days last week (June 20-23) Paxton’s Grill and CancerFree Kids announced the winning teams from the three-day golf outing along with the record-setting $95K total raised for CFK. In an email message and via social media outlets Monday, June 20, the three winning foursomes were announced. This was the first year the outing was played at two different local golf courses with the addition of a  flight of golfers at The Oasis Golf Course on Monday, June 13. Previously, all rounds were played at Hickory Woods Golf Course on Saturday, with the addition the last couple years of a Friday round. It all adds up to three days of golf and three winning teams. Not to mention contest winners as well.

Here are the winning foursomes: 

Friday Foursome Winners (-18): Joe Trusner, Gary Carr, Matt Herring, and Aaron Criss. (Provided)

Saturday Foursome Winners (-14): Robert Stebbins, Tim Wachenfeld, Mark Roberts, and Stan Pritchard. (Provided)

Monday Foursome Winners (-17): GT Industrial Supply Team: Michael Griffie, Nick Tino, Patrick Bowling, and Pat Watt. (Provided)

Here is text of the message from Paxton’s Grill nnouncing the winners and thanking those involved for supporting the 17th Annual Golf Outing for CancerFree Kids: 

Thank you for helping us support
CancerFree KIDS!

“We had another amazing weekend (and Monday!) of golf, all to support CancerFree KIDS. Here are the winners from all three days of the outing. Look for an announcement soon about how much we raised for CFK. We are tallying up all the details, but we can let you know that it is another record-breaking year for our outing!” – Paxton’s Grill via email and social media messaging. 

Ralph Dunnigan, Paxton’s Grill owner/partner estimated between 175-200 golfers participated in the three day golf outing. He and the committee also expressed gratitude to the untold numbers of volunteers who helped make the event another recrod-breaking success. 

Here are the contest winners: 

  • Friday Closest to the Pin/Straightest Drive Winners: 
    Brett Snyder, Steve Sliter, John Prout, Jeff Shively, Steve Sliter, and Keith Burkhardt
  • Saturday Closest to the Pin/Straightest Drive Winners: 
    Brian Sedra, Chuck Bechtel, Bill Metz, Tim Bocklett, Jordan Sambrookes, and Jim Albers 
  • Monday Closest to the Pin Winners: 
    Jim Albers and Keith Renneker 
  • Tony Bergen took home the split the pot winnings,
  • Art Jarvis won the “Burrow Blanton’s.”

Certainly congratulations are due to each of the teams and individuals who were winners during the golf outing. But clearly, the biggest winner for the three-day outing is CancerFree Kids receiving $95,000 which will fund grants for pediatric cancer research. 

Here is the text from their message sent out last Thursday, June 23, announcing the record-setting fundraising total: 

Thank you for helping us support
CancerFree KIDS!


“Together, we raised $95,000 for CancerFree KIDS at our 17th annual Paxton’s Golf Outing. Yes, it was another record-setting year for our outing.

Not one dollar could have been raised without a host of volunteers, two excellent local golf clubs, and most importantly all of you – our generous and thoughtful sponsors, donors, and of course all of our wonderful (and talented?) golfers!

Be on the lookout for an announcement about the 18th annual outing dates in 2023! Next year, let’s work together to top the $100,000 mark!” – Paxton’s Grill

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