SchmiDt is sponsor of Human Life Protection Act Bill in the Ohio House

By Chuck Gibson (Information from Aaron Mulvey, Majority Press Secretary, Ohio House of Representatives)

COLUMBUS, OH (June 24, 2022) – In response to the decision handed down by teh Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) overturning the Roe v Wade ruling for legalized abortion, Ohio House Rep. Jean Schmidt (R- Loveland) offered comment. 

Representative Jean Schmidt testifies on Ohio House floor (Provided)

Schmidt has long been an advocate for pro-life organizations and previously served as president of Greater Cincinnati Right to Life. She is the sponsor of House Bill 598, the Human Life Protection Act, which aims to ban abortion in Ohio. The SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v Wade effectively turns the authority over abortion to individual states. Now that authority over abortion has been returned to individual states including Ohio, HB 598, the Human Life Protection Act aiming to ban abortion in Ohio is expected to be highest priority for Schmidt. 

“My fight to end abortion in Ohio has been on-going for five decades,” said Schmidt.  “Now, we have a chance to end it and to save the nearly 21,000 unborn children who are killed every year in this state.” 

“As the former head of the Greater Cincinnati Right to Life, I am pleased and proud of the persistent work pro-life advocates have executed over the last 50-years.” – Ohio House Representative Jean Schmidt,(R-Loveland) 

Schmidt continues to review the full decision, but attributes this turn of the Supreme Court justices to prayer. 

“While I am still reviewing the full decision, I believe it is the power of prayer that led the Supreme Court justices, in a 6-3 decision, to do the right thing,” Schmidt said. “Now, we must continue to pray for the safety of the justices who stood up with bravery to defend every American’s right to life.”

Loveland Beacon has reached out to Rep. Jean Schmidt inviting her to join in the new Loveland Beacon podcast “The Corner Table” to discuss this latest decision by the Supreme Court justices and more about Ohio House Bill 598 aimed at banning abortion in Ohio. We await her response with hope her schedule will allow her to join us at “The Corner Table” to discuss this landmark decisioin. 

State Representative Jean Schmidt is serving her first term in the Ohio House of Representatives. She represents the 65th House District, which includes northwestern Clermont County.


For more information, contact Rep. Schmidt’s office at (614) 466-8134 or