Plans to maintain health & safety throughout the Loveland community during concern over any Coronavirus outbreak is a collaborative effort of City, Fire, Police, & School officials

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH – A joint news release from the City of Loveland, Loveland-Symmes Fire Department & the Loveland City School District issued by Loveland Schools confirmed a unifed collaborative effort to monitor the Coronavirus abroad and in some areas of our United States. 

Loveland-Symmes Fire Department actively plans for any and all safety and health risks throughout the community (Logo provided)

As in any situation posing danger to the health, safety and welfare of our citizens, the community works closely with partners, including, but not limited to our public and private schools, businesses and faith-based community. Fire, EMS personnel and law enforcement community, along with our 911 operators, are on the forefront for planning and response and remain vigilant in sharing information.

“We stay prepared,” said LSFD Chief Otto Huber. “This (Coronavirus) just happens to be the emergency of this week. No matter what emergency, we apply best practices for that. We stay ready for anything. That’s what we prepare for.” 

City Manager Dave Kennedy confirmed Loveland Health & Safety preparedness is a fully collaborative effort with City, Fire, Police, Schools and businesses. (Logo provided) 

This collaboration with Loveland Schools is ongoing and has been in place for many years. If something, like Coronavirus, happens, they make immediate contact. School Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse says they make sure all collaborating parties are on the same page; plans are up to date and ready to go. Loveland Fire, EMS, Police and school systems have plans in place for response to all types of emergencies, dangers, or risks to the community on any front. It starts in the planning stages formulating resilient response systems which are tested, practiced and continuously reviewed. Regular meetings with school administrators and the business community are held to identify any risks and to establish policies and procedures to manage those risks before an event occurs.

“The idea that would create panic in our community that we’re not collaborative, or we don’t have a system in place is irresponsible,” said Crouse. “We have work groups, a safety committee for specific action plans. We can get people there very quickly. We have a system in place to respond to emergencies.”

The collaborative effort includes meeting every other month – about four to five times each school year. The next meeting for Loveland Schools Safety committee is the first week of March.

 “We are always working to improve our collaboration,” Crouse added.

Dr. Amy Crouse is the Superintendent of the Loveland City School District (Provided)

The City of Loveland and Loveland City Schools have in place an emergency operation plan that aligns with the plan created for our county and our state governments. The plan has had the input of all our partners in public safety. LSFD Deputy Chief Mike Books attends all the safety meetings for Loveland Schools and Deputy Chief Jon Frye attends all the Sycamore Schools safety meetings.

Loveland City School District works collaboratively with City, Fire, Police and Businesses to ensure good health and safety plans are in place at all times. (Provided) 

“It is a constant review process,” Chief Huber said. “It is something that is a part of everyday life for us anymore. We’re probably more engaged with our schools and our business partners than ever before.”

 The City of Loveland, Fire, EMS, Police, schools and businesses will continue to monitor the current situation with the coronavirus. Loveland will stay connected with local and state health partners along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and will share this information on various local web sites and social media as the situation warrants. Although no cases have been reported in the State of Ohio, local residents are urged to stay informed and monitor reliable media sources for additional information and precautions