Fire & Police units had lights flashing and sirens sounding as they led a parade of more than 20 vehicles down Weber Oaks Drive to help 8 year-old Brody Sehlhorst celebrate his birthday during COVID-19 stay at home

By Chuck Gibson

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (May 7, 2020) –  A blast of the horn on a Miami Township fire truck cracked the calm of a sunny Thursday afternoon, May 7, on Weber Oaks Drive in Miami Township. That was followed by the sound of sirens and the sight of flashing lights as township fire equipment and police vehicles led a birthday parade of 20-plus cars past the home of Brody Sehlhorst.

Miami Township Fire & Police lead birthday parade for 8 year-old boy on Thursday, May 7, (Chuck Gibson) 

Miami Township Police cruiser passes as Brody (above vehicle right) looks toward his mom (Chuck Gibson) 

It was a grand way to celebrate the day Brody Sehlhorst turned eight years old. He was out front of his house, along with his mom, dad, sister and a few other family and friends when the first fire engine rolled through. Brody stood on the sidewalk near curbside and was greeted with waves and even gifts out the car windows as each vehicle passed in procession.

Some cars stopped to wish Brody a Happy Birthday through the car window -even dropping off gifts (Chuck Gibson) 

The procession of cars continued after the Fire & Police vehicles rolled past (Chuck Gibson)

It was a great gesture of appreciation, friendliness and community care by the Miami Township first responders. Their presence leading the parade created a special moment for the young boy on his birthday. It will certainly be a day he (and his family and friends) will always remember with a smile – just like the smile that lit up Brody’s face as the Miami Township Fire & Police drove off with lights flashing and sirens sounding. It was definitely a Happy Birthday Brody message to be remembered.