An estimated 100 people attended the community session with Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse and Treasurer Kevin Hawley

By: Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH – The last community session for the Loveland Schools March operating levy drew about 100 citizens to the LIS/LMS cafeteria to get answers to their questions about the upcoming ballot levy.  

LCSD Treasurer Kevin Hawley presents budget and financial information during Community Information Session Tuesday, February 25 (Photo by Chuck Gibson) 

Loveland City School District Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse and LCSD Treasurer Kevin Hawley were on hand to present information to the community about the upcoming March school operating levy. Kevin Hawley went through a very thorough presentation of the finances and budget forecast and planning. Dr. Crouse covered the education planning and impact of the levy. Hawley and Crouse both responded to a “Questions” portion of the presentation based on questions which have been frequently asked.

The microphone was opened to the public for questions following the formal presentation by Dr. Crouse and Hawley.


Several citizens in attendance stepped to the microphone offering specific questions about the school budget, increased spending, increased administrative staff, education programs, student enrollment, current cuts, and future planned cuts and even the cancelled Grailville contract.

Yes student enrollment has been flat since 2011, but cost per pupil remains below the average for comparable school districts across the state.

No, spending did not increase by $6 million dollars and 13% compared to previous administrations $2 million dollar increases. Hawley showed complete CUPP Report figures which show an increase of only $4 million dollars and 8% increase during the school year in question. Those increases are accredited to higher cost of salaries and benefits as determined by negotiated union contracts, not by inordinate administrative staff positions. 

People stepped to the microphone with questions; Hawley and Crouse listened and responded with answers. 

Superintendent Crouse and Treasurer Hawley listen to a question from a citizen during the Community Information session (Photo by Chuck Gibson) 

Superintendent Amy Crouse responded to qeustions from the public during the Community Information Session Tuesday, February 25, (Photo by Chuck Gibson)

The citizens expressed satisfaction their question was answered. That satisfaction did not always translate to satisfaction with the answer or relief from concern. Some clearly expressed their need or desire to vote no in March because the tax is too high. Others clearly expressed their support of the March levy. All expressed their support of the students and the Loveland Schools despite any differences in opinion on the need to pass the levy. Nobody likes the threat of lost jobs, educational program cuts, higher participation fees, or elimination of busing for the high school students.

                               An estimated 100 people attended Loveland Schools community information session Tuesday, Februrary 25 (Photos by Chuck Gibson)

While Tuesday was the final community information session, Superintendent Amy Crouse and Treasurer Kevin Hawley still have two more “Ask the Superintendent/Treasurer sessions scheduled to meet and discuss the levy in a smaller, more personal setting: