Some Milford Schools student families are expressing concerns about a new bus driver on thier route

By Chuck Gibson 

MILFORD, OH (November 6, 2020) – Milford Schools parents on the Dorgene Lane school bus route have expressed concern over the behaviour of a new bus driver for Bus #134. 

Some Milford School parents are concerned about a new bus driver on their neighborhood route (File)

Tina Hayes has more than one child riding the bus including a 5 year old kindergarten student. She sent an email to Loveland Beacon describing some of the questionable behaviour of a “new bus driver”. In the note, she expressed concern over the driver “screaming at the kids” and accusing her child of being bad. The problem with the driver pointing out the misbehaviour of her son, is the child the driver singled out was NOT the son of Tina Hayes.  Hayes says it has not been an isolated incidient, and she is not the only parent expressing concerns to school officials or officials of Peterman Transportation (The Bus Company contrracted by Milford Schools). 

“Nothing’s been done, the driver is still driving the bus,” said Hayes. “We just want them to give the driver more training, sensitivity training or something. Screaming at the kids is not right. We just want good bus drivers.”

Hayes is concerned and frustrated, and has even reached out to the Milford Mayor as well as attempting to reach out to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. School officials have responded to her concerns and a meeting has been set to discuss the matter with Hayes and officials from Petermann Transportation. 

Milford Administration and representatives from Petermann Transportation are meeting with Ms. Hayes next week to discuss her concerns.” – Statement released by Milford Schools Director of Communications and Public Relations, Wendy Planicka late Thursday afternoon. 

The meeting is scheduled to be held virtually next Wednesday, November 11. We will report any additional details as they become available. 

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