Loveland School Board sets Decemmber 3, as date for special meeting for public input

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (November 6, 2020) – The Loveland City School District (LCSD) Board of Education work session Thursday night resulted in plans for a “Special Board Meeting” to be held December 3, 2020 for  the purpose of hearing public input. 

There was much discussion on when, how, and how long the special meeting for public input should be. The board agreed the meeting would be solely for the purpose of hearing public input. The meeting is scheduled to last for two hours from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, December 3. Initial plans call for the meeting to allow in-person attendance for members of the public who wish to be heard. (all safety protocols will be in place to ensure health and safety of all in attendance) The meeting will also be available for virtual attendance for those who are not able, or cannot attend in-person. The opportunity to participate and offer input virtually will be made available as well.

Members of the school board also discussed whether or not there will be oppotunity for the board members to respond during the session. It is unclear exactly if there will be back-n-forth interaction between members of the board and the public who choose to speak at the hearing. More details will be forthcoming from the school board prior to the December 3, special meeting date. 

In other business during the work session Thursday night, the board also discussed making a statement in response to the ongoing public criticism of the LCSD administration and school board. School Board President, Dr. Kathryn Lorenz released an independent personal statement earlier this week on the topic of consistent complaints and criticisms of the Loveland Schools administration. In light of her statement, members of the board agreed last night they would issue a board statement on the topic. Their statement may be released as early as today, Friday, November 6. 

The school board went into executive session Thursday evening, but no action was taken as a result of their discussions during that portion of the board work session. It is anticipated they have begun the process of evaluation for employee contracts and potential contrract renewal for school employees. Any official word on the matter will be announced by the school board. Keep watch!

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