Heather Higdon, frequent contributor here on Loveland Beacon, recalls her old Kentucky home

By Chuck Gibson (With permission of Heather Higdon)

LOVELAND, OH (December 14, 2021) – When the tornado tore through the heart of Mayfield, Kentucky this past weekend, it might as well have torn right through the heart of Heather Higdon.

Friends of Loveland Beacon, Loveland City School District and Indian Hill Exempted Village Schools may recognize her name. Higdon was the Communications Director at Loveland Schools before moving on to Indian Hill Schools where she serves now as the Director of Communications  and her byline is seen frequently here on Loveland Beacon sharing Indian Hill Schools’ stories. Before all that, Heather Higdon was from Graves County, Kentucky where Mayfield is located. As she shared in a personal Facebook page post earlier today, in that former life, she served as a television news reporter with LEX 18 TV News. Her husband, Chris Lupien also worked as a reporter with LEX 18 TV News.

Aerial view Mayfield, KY reveals devastation left behind by weekend tornado (Photo credit Newsweek)

That is where the two of them were working in 2004 when a tornado ripped through their home. Because they had been called in to cover the storm, they survived. Higdon is feeling every bit of the devastation of the tornado that, once again, has landed a horrific blow on her hometown, friends and family in Graves County, Kentucky. We can only imagine the heart-wrenching emotions gripping her as the horrors grab headlines all across the country. She expressed surprise when her former employers at LEX18 TV News called upon her for interview Monday. With shocking surprise, she and her husband Chris found the headline she never expected to see. She shared her story with LEX 18:

“Mayfield, Kentucky was the cover story, Never, never thought I’d ever see that.” – Heather Higdon

With special thanks to Heather for permission to share her story with Loveland Beacon readers, here is the link to Heather Higdon’s personal interview story with LEX 18:

CLICK HERE for Heather’s story from LEX 18  

At the end of it all, Heather reminds us all, there is hope and the people will again show their resilience in response to personal tragedy. With Heather, we all know Mayfield, Kentucky will rise again. Kentucky, you are on our minds, in our hearts and in our prayers. We are with you.

Thank you to LEX 18 for reaching out to share the story. 

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