Loveland Show Choirs ‘By Request’, ‘Allure’, and ‘Revolution’ hosted annual show choir’s competition during Valentine’s weekend

By Chuck Gibson

 LOVELAND, OH – The annual Loveland Show Fest show choir competition was hosted by the Loveland Show Choirs Friday and Saturday, February 14-15 in the Loveland High School Auditorium.

Beavercreek High School Show Choir (Photo by Carol Hall)

As hosts of the two-day competition, Loveland High School and Loveland Middle School show choirs did not compete in the event. They only performed an exhibition. Overall, 21 groups from middle schools and high schools around Ohio, Indiana, Massachussetts, Tennessee, and Alabama competed with one “Tier II” Middle School group, ‘New Horizons’, from Beavercreek performing only an exhibition.

Friday performances featured the five (5) middle school groups with ‘Next Generation’ from Ross Middle School earning first place honors.  

Show Choir from Ross Hisgh School and Middle School competed at Loveland Show Fest (Photo by Carol Hall)

The group also collected awards for Best Vocals, Best Choreography and Best Band. First runner-up went to ‘Entourage’ from Beavercreek Middle School. They featured Drew Coleman as Best Male Vocalist and also won Best Crew honors. Hamilton Middle School show choir ‘Cutting Edge’ was second runner-up but featured Louiya Anthony winning Best Female soloist. West Clermont’s ‘Counterpart’ rounded out the middle school show choir competition.

Saturday daytime performances featured eleven High School Mixed Groups, and four Women’s groups and one Men’s group in the five Single-Gender Division groups that competed throughout the preliminary competition to qualify for Saturday evening finals competition.

The Grand Champion Beavercreek ‘Friends’ High School Show Choir (Photo by Carol Hall)

Beavercreek High School show choir ‘Friends’ earned first place and the Grand Champion title nearly sweeping all the award categories short of the Best Female vocalist. They earned awards for Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Band, Best Crew, and Best Male soloist – Enoch Graham.

                    Enterpise, Alabama ‘Encores’ won Heart of Loveland award (Photo by Carol Hall)

Enterprise, Alabama ‘Encores’ was first runner-up and was honored with the “Heart of Loveland” award during the Valentine’s Weekend Show Fest. Second runner-up went to ‘Legacy’ from Ross High School here in Ohio. They featured Abrial Barnett winning the Best Female Vocalist award.

In the Single-Gender division ‘Esprit’ from Enterprise earned first-place with Olentangy High School ‘She Notes’ taking first runner-up and ‘Illusion’ from Shepherd Hill Regional High School earning second runner-up. 


Lebanon High School show choir (Photo by Carol Hall)

Mixed Groups in the Tier II Division included first place winner ‘Opening Knight’ from South Dearborn, Indiana, and first runner-up ‘Vocal Motion’ from Bradley Central H.S . Third runner-up went to ‘The Silhouettes’ from Norwood High School here in Cincinnati.

                    Loveland Show Fest volunteers deserve high praise for a job well done (Photo by Carol Hall)

Hosting the annual Loveland Show Fest takes a lot of volunteers. Loveland Show Choir Director Shawn Miller and a host of parents and show choir members made the 2020 Valentine’s Day weekend another great two-days of music, song and dance for everyone involved. Loveland High School mixed group ‘By Request’ and woman’s group ‘Allure’ along with Loveland Middle School show choir ‘Revolution’ continue their 2020 competition season.

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Lovleand High School show choir ‘By Request’ (Photo by Carol Hall)