Goshen School Masters will host

1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (August 11, 2022) – The Goshen School Masters are seeking to even the score as they host the return of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings in a vintage Base Ball game Saturday, August 20, 2022.

Both teams put on an exciting exhibition of 1869 style vintage Base Ball one year ago with the 1869 Red Stockings claiming victory with a late rally after the School Masters held an early lead.

Sam “Goshen School Master” Leever plaque rededicateed during pregame ceremony in 2021 (Chuck Gibson)

The game had special meaning for Goshen in 2021 as the Goshen Township Historical Society (GTHS) honored native son and former professional baseball player Sam Lever with dedication of a plaque recognizing his accomplishments as a pitcher with the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1898-1910. Lever was born in Goshen in 1871 where he was raised, educated and taught before going on to pitch for the Pirates. It was his experience as a teacher in Goshen which earned him the nickname School Master.

“That’s right Mr. Sam Lever taught at Goshen many years,” said Andy Evans, GTHS “

The exhibition of vintage Base Ball with the School Masters and the 1869 Red Stockings  takes on new meaning for Goshen Township this year as the community continues recovery efforts from the July 6th tornado.

“We need a time to come together and kind of forget about that for a little while,” Evans said. “Come out and enjoy the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings and what they bring to Goshen and the awareness that the Cincinnati Reds brought to Goshen following the tornado.”

The good old fashioned pre-game bat toss to determine home team Cool Papa from the 1869 Red Stockings won the toss over “Crazy Legs” representing the Goshen School Masters (Photo Chuck Gibson)

Evans was referring to the shirts worn by Joey Votto and David Bell showing support for the Goshen community before a Reds game in the days following the storm of July 6 . The vintage base ball game was already scheduled for August, and the Goshen School Masters team along with the 1869 Red Stockings recognize the value of carrying on with the plan to play. The game itself, with the authentic 1869 uniforms of base ball’s first professional team, played in an open field with vintage base ball rules including no gloves, vintage bats and the same ball used in 1869, offers the community a light-hearted entertaining break from tornado recovery efforts.

“The Log Cabin and the Anchorage both sustained damage during the tornado,” Evans explained. “This is also going to be used as a fundraiser to help with practical repairs and in meeting our deductible.”

The historical society has invested a lot of money to restore the Cook log cabin and maintain the Anchorage. Bringing everyone together to enjoy an entertaining day of vintage base ball with the historic 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings is the idea. Here’s some of what you’ll see and experience:

The Goshen Schoolmasster Club during player introductions (Photo Sue Gibson)

“We’ll start the game traditionally with the National Anthem – hopefully sung by Lisa Allen as long as she’s in town,” Evans said. “We’ll have representative from Goshen local schools, the Goshen Fire Department, the Goshen Pastoral community and local businesses will be represented on the Goshen School Masters team. It should be a wide cross section of individuals representing Goshen Township.”

Players from both teams lined up on a beautiful day for vintage Base Ball in Goshen (Photo Sue Gibson)

In many ways the game will look the same. After all, it is baseball. There are some differences though. It is played in an open field, not on a neatly manicured diamond with outfield walls, backstop and seats. In fact, if you hear the term backstop, somebody is probably talking about the player referred to today as the catcher. He was called “backstop” in 1869 jargon, just as the batter was called “striker” and the pitcher was called “hurler” and, as for you fans, you were called “cranks”. I don’t want to give it all away here in the pregame story, but there is plenty more interesting historical facts about the game of base ball sure to be shared at the exhibition in Goshen on Saturday, August 20, at 1 p.m.

“I thought we had a good crowd last year,” said Evans. “I’m hoping to build on that for this year; that those who attended last year can talk to their family, friends and church members and tell them this was a fun event to watch community members and watch the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings come out and play – have a good old-fashioned base ball game.”

There is no admission to come out and watch the game. Hot dogs, bratts, metts, popcorn and drinks will be available giving it that good old time baseball feel. Proceeds from sale of the game time refreshments will help make it a fundraising event to assist the Goshen Township Historical Society in their tornado recovery efforts too. Andy Evans summed it up simply:

“Come on out and see some serious good old fashioned 1869 vintage base ball played exactly the way the game was played in 1869,” Evans said.

The invitation is for everyone to come on out, and for a couple hours go back to a simpler time and celebrate the history of baseball and honor the memory of Goshen’s native son and former professional baseball player Sam Lever (Goshen School Master)

“We hope for the community’s support, a good day of weather and put the tornado behind them for a day to enjoy some fun,” said Evans. “Just sit for an afternoon to watch good vintage base ball.”

Goshen School Masters host the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings in Vintage Base Ball

  • Day/Date: Saturday, August 20, 2022
  • Time: 1 p.m. game time
  • Location: Goshen High School practice soccer field at: 6767 Goshen Road, Goshen, OH
  • FREE to the public
  • Food and drink will be available for purchase.
  • Proceeds will benefit Goshen Township Historical Society Tornado Recover efforts

More about GTHS, how to donate and the Vintage Game at: www.goshenhistory.org 

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