OPINION: From Dr. Kathryn Lorenz, President, Board of Education, Loveland City School District 

Care.  Respect.  Responsibility.
Our youngest Loveland Tigers know these three words well. Here in Loveland schools, we care for each other.  We respect each other. And we take responsibility for our words and actions.

Dr. Kathryn Lorenz is President of the Loveland City School District Board of Education (Provided) 

The Loveland Board of Education strives to do our best to live up to the expectations our teachers and staff have for our students. We care about each and every member of our school community and demonstrate that with leadership and fiscal responsibility. That care means we regularly need to place tax levies on the ballot in order to ensure the operation of programs that our students need and deserve.
The way taxes work in Ohio means that a school board respects the right of our district citizens to vote on these levies. We need to show the necessity for new operating funds and do so with the publishing of budgets, expenditures, and five-year forecasts. We publish the evidence of the success of our students as well.

The last operating levy passed in 2014 was designed to move the district from a “stay put” mode of operation to a time of forward progress and was strongly supported by our community. Our teachers and students delivered significant achievements as a result of that change in direction and now we need to protect that investment and optimize that effort.

Acting responsibly means telling the truth and sometimes means that you cannot respond in kind when false, harmful accusations are made.  But responsible public servants also stand up for what is true. There are many false statements being made about the March 2020 levy, about the Board of Education, and about the people who work with us and for us.  The Loveland school district and this Board of Education are committed to optimizing resources, to extending the adequacy of 2020 levy funds as long as possible, and to continuing progress for Loveland students.

       Public Service Promotion

Please take the time to review the information on our website, lovelandschools.org under the levy tab.  Take the time to talk to our board and our administrators.  Attend a board meeting or an information session.  Get the right information right now.

We know our community cares about our schools. We respect the right of our citizens to vote on March 17. Each of us has a great responsibility for the future of Loveland schools.

Kathryn Lorenz
Board member
Loveland City School District