Recreation Board adopted a new Field Use Policy for assignment of athletic field usage. Community Improvement Corporation authorized sale of two city properties. HERE IS THE UPDATE FOR JULY 31, 2020 FOR OUR READER’S CONVENIENCE. IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC ON THE CITY WEBSITE

Mayor and Council

FROM: David Kennedy, City Manager

RE: Weekly Update

DATE: July 31, 2020

LOVELAND, OH (July 31, 2020) –


David Kennedy, City Manager, Loveland, OH (FILE) 


Monday, Assistant to the City Manager, Misty Brents and I met with Caden Mills to discuss his proposed Eagle Scout project. Caden would like to work with the Arts Commission to add a new entryway sign near the five points intersection, similar to the sign placed within Veterans Park. Caden and I will be attending the next Arts Commission meeting.

Monday evening, Assistant to the City Manager, Misty Brents and I attended the Recreation Board meeting.  During the meeting, the board reviewed and adopted a field use policy.  This policy better defines the assignments of the city’s athletic fields during the various sports seasons, a subject that has caused considerable consternation in the past.  It also lays out the permitting process, fees and accountability for utilizing our athletic fields.  Special thanks to Misty and Recreation Board Chairman, John Hart on their efforts in the preparation of this much needed policy.

Tuesday, in conjunction with the comprehensive planning effort, a survey was emailed to all of the businesses in the Loveland Commerce Park.  The survey focused on their overall satisfaction with the commerce park and improvements that they feel would be beneficial to their businesses and attracting new businesses.  Although it has only been a few days, we have received many responses, the majority of which have been very positive.

Also, on Tuesday, I participated in an online webinar titled “Adapting Your Budget During COVID-19”.

Tuesday evening, the CIC met to review proposals for the sale of the two city owned parcels located on Highland Street and West Main Street.  These two vacant parcels, which were transferred to the city in 2001, and then to the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) in 2017, are located in the Loveland Heights and are not contributing to the surrounding community. The CIC authorized a sale of both parcels at a total amount of $20,100. The parcels will be developed into residential units much to the benefit of the surrounding area.

Wednesday evening, I attended the meeting of the Historic Preservation Design Review Committee.  Having not met since February, the committee reviewed updates to the proposed guidelines, modifications to the proposed district boundaries and sample plaques for locally designated structures such as the White Pillars Homestead.  A work session meeting to finalize their review is scheduled for next week.

Thursday evening, I was one of three panelists who participated in a discussion session held by the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance titled “Pandemic, Pivot, Prosper”.  The event was held at Bishop’s Quarters.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OPEA) is accepting grant applications for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.  This grant is supported with funds from Ohio’s allocation under the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund.  Assistant to the City Manager, Misty Brents and I met with Tim Driscoll from Donovan Energy on Friday morning to discuss possible locations for electric charging stations in Loveland.

Building and Zoning

DJ’s Food Mart has suspended its operation as they have begun the transition of converting the building into a laundromat. Rodi, one of the two restaurants proposed to go in at the location 115 Karl Brown Way, has received their permit for their kitchen hood. The convention center portion of the project is underway with installation of their fire suppression system. All five of the Cedar Drive lots are now under construction.


LPD prides itself on maintaining high professional standards. This week LPD received notification from the Ohio Police-Community Collaborative Advisory Board assessor that she is recommending LPD for re-certification, although the Board must still officially vote. In addition, LPD learned the Ohio Crime Prevention Association informed us LPD will receive the coveted 2020 Partners in Policing award.

LPD submitted a coronavirus relief grant to Ohio Criminal Justices Services for reimbursement for expenses related to the pandemic. 

New sign installed for the “Tot Lot” park (Provided) 

Public Works

This week, road striping continued as part of our annual road program, with the crosswalks completed in the downtown district. Only the striping on Riverside Drive remains, which should be completed next week.

This week, Public Works installed park signs at McCoy Park and the Cherokee Tot-lot. With these installations, the two-year park sign replacement project is nearly complete. A new Navaho Park sign will be installed later this summer, and a new sign at Veterans Park is anticipated to be included in the 2021 budget.

New McCoy Park sign installed (Provided) 

New LED Speed Sign on SR 48 (Provided) 

Also, this week, Public Works installed a new LED, rapid flashing 35 MPH, at the city corporation limits on State Route 48. This has been an area of concentration by the city to reduce speeding.  The sign was funded fully through a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Safety Program

Upcoming Events and Meetings

On Tuesday, August 4, the Ad Hoc Committee to Review Council and Committee Rules will meet at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will also meet on Tuesday, August 4, at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.

The Historic Preservation Design Review Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, August 5, at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.