“I think I’ve never stopped feeling like a kid.” – Stan Lee

By Indian Hill School District Superintendent Kirk Koennecke

IH School Superintendent Indian Hill Schools Superintendent Kirk Koennecke

When I was a child, I dreamed to become a superhero. Every Wednesday, the corner store would stock the new Marvel comic books, and like clockwork, I’d hop on my bike, pedal as fast as I could to the store, find the latest version and flip through page after page that sparked my imagination. The late Stan Lee, creator of Marvel, created a sense of magic that captivated my young mind about a life with unlimited possibility.

That spark that Mr. Lee created for me as a child, that magic – that is the experience we are working to create for every Brave who we have the privilege to serve. Each child enters our doors with a dream of what they hope to become; it is our job to provide each child with the unparalleled opportunities to turn his/her dream into a reality. We want them to be excited to come to school … just as I was excited to pedal to that corner store to read.

As an adult, I have evolved my definition of superhero. I feel like every educator I serve alongside is a superhero – an eduhero is a common term I use. I feel like every student we serve is an eduhero as well, full of individual talents and interests. It is our duty to pair that passion with purpose and opportunity in and outside of our classrooms. 

I would never compare myself to Mr. Lee, however, I suppose we do share one thing in common, as there is a part of me that has never stopped feeling like a kid, and feeling the childlike joy that comes with imaging how to continue to evolve the educational experience for students. I feel so fortunate to – as an adult – live the dream I had as a child and to be a part of a team of Brave eduheroes. As we each take time to celebrate the magic of the holiday season, my wish for you is that you also feel the joy of childhood, and that your dreams for the New Year will come true.

In service to our children,

Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill School District