The Goshen Township Historical Society is bringing Cincinnati Red Stockings Vintage Baseball to town

Saturday , August 14

By Chuck Gibson 

GOSHEN TWP. – OH (July 31, 2021) – The Goshen Township Historical Society has announced 1869 Vintage Baseball is coming to town Saturday, August 14, and the public is invited to join in the fun! 

More of the story of this great game is coming in a future edition of Loveland Beacon. For now, just know you can watch the Goshen Local 9, “The Goshen Schoolmasters” – named for Goshen Major League Pitcher, Sam Leever –  take on the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings in a vintage baseball match-up. The game will take place on the Goshen High School practice soccer field at: 6767 Goshen Road, Goshen, Oh

Here is the flyer with additional information from

Goshen Twp. Historical Society: