Trump support “bigger than huge” in the eyes of one supporter

EYEWITNESS PARTICIPANT’S ACCOUNT: By Jim Replogle – In his own words

LOVELAND, OH (September 13, 2020) – Today’s TRUMP MARCH was not huge or gigantic, I need a word that means bigger than those words!

TRump Train participantes met and prayed at Frisch’s before joining the I-275 parade Saturday (Jim Replogle)

I met at Ward’s Corner Frisch’s. The parking lot was packed, someone said prayer and Pledge of Allegiance; then got into their vehicles that were decorated with the American Flag and Trump Flags, signs etc. etc. . .  Very cool looking. People were meeting all over the Greater Cincinnati area like this!

(Editor’s note: It is a scene that repeated itself at locations all around the I-275 loop on Saturday as a multitude of vehicles and people joined the “Trump Train”.)

Trump Train headed all directions on I-275 Saturday in Greater Cincinnati (Courtesy John Klare Jr. via FB page)

I got on east bound 275 with everyone and two lanes like that with Trump Backers all the way to the Ohio River. I got off at Kellogg and turned around and same thing on both sides of 275!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone, honking and waving at each other. When you passed a police officer in cruiser along the way, people would cheer and honk and wave!!

Scene as Jim Replogle entered I-275 Eastbound at Wards Corner Rd ramp. (Jim Replogle)

Cars, trucks, and lots of motorcycled were decorated and joined in the Trump Train (Jim Replogle)

I got off in Tri-County and turned around again.  I have no doubt it went into Indiana. We are talking 1000s of motorcycles decorated, cars of all types, sport cars, BMW, Antiques and just your regular Chevy pick-up, like mine, decorated! Not to mention the Semis I saw and RV’s all jazzed up.

This was so positive!! Think about it: No FIRES STARTED, NO ONE BEING ASSAULTED OR KILLED, NO ONE STEALING AND LOOTING ANYONE ELSE. From Prayers, to shaking hands, to the AMERICAN FLAG!!

“I am very happy I decided to check it out and be a part of it!!” – Jim Replogle

Additional note: There were reports estimating the number of participants at 9,000 people – not 9,000 vehicles, but people in vehicles, lining the sides of I-275, waving from overpasses, or wherever people could find a spot to view the spectacle or add their support to the mass display of support for President Donald Trump, America, and Police and Firefighters.

The group Jim Replogle met at Frisch’s on Wards Corner Road (Jim Replogle)

Thank you to Jim Replogle – retired police officer, for providing his personal account of the Trump Train he participated in on Saturday, September 12, 2020 on I-275 circling the Greater Cincinnati Area. Additional thanks to Jim for providing photographs of the event.