Indian Hill students get some “real world” opportunites in marketing

By Vandita Rastogi, Indian Hill High School Student Experience Journalist 

INDIAN HILL, OH (October 5, 2020) – Behind every successful business is a dedicated team of marketing professionals who attract consumers to make dreams come true.

Indian Hill High School marketing students joined non-profit leaders with the organization May We Help on a video call to gain real-world experience. (Provided)

Behind every committee is effective leadership, communication, collaboration, and management. These skills aren’t learned in classrooms, but rather through years of experience, of trial and error, of failure, and of successes. 

At Indian Hill High School (IHHS), the exclusive marketing program, in conjunction with Great Oaks, provides students with opportunities to practice leadership and management with real-world examples. Students interact with terminology, participate in marketing campaigns for the school and local businesses, and practice management, advertising, and finance through the DECA competitions.

“DECA has helped me to develop professional skills and allowed me to explore and understand the many business careers while connecting them with current financial events,” said IHHS sophomore Pranav Rastogi. 

Our marketing program also encourages collaboration through group projects and presentations, polishing communication skills and spreading awareness of new ideas in a safe environment. As students progress through foundation classes all the way to the “Management Application” class, the opportunities to engage with the local community increase. All senior marketing students complete an internship with local businesses in which they actively participate in a business role; this could be anywhere from writing press releases to creating/revising business models. 

Another great opportunity for seniors is the in-class marketing project.

This year, the senior marketing class is working with a non-profit organization called May We Help, a team that is dedicated to helping people with disabilities achieve independence. They create products to cater to individuals in the greater Cincinnati region free of cost. The marketing class is divided into groups and they each contribute to the various aspects of the project. 

“Working with May We Help on some upcoming projects allows students to create more awareness in the community,” said IHHS Senior Emily Sichel.

Sichel is part of a group of students focused on providing feedback on the non-profit’s business model to help them grow. Students were part of a video call with some members of the organization, after which they collaborated to come up with effective ways to raise awareness about the services of the organization. The project will continue through October after which the ideas will be presented to May We Help in hopes of sparking new ideas for amenities to guarantee a higher quality of life for all.

Whether you realize it or not, business will play a crucial role in our jobs. You don’t need a degree in it to sharpen skills that make you a better role model. If you’re looking into a marketing career or just want to become a more effective leader, the marketing program at Indian Hill will provide you with flexible and almost endless opportunities to grow and understand the real-world.

Vandita Rastogi, Indian Hill High School Student Experience Journalist (Provided)

Vandita Rastogi is an Indian Hill High School student working with Director of Communications, Heather Higdon as “Student Experience Journalist” sharing interesting stories from inside the Indian Hill School – student experience. Loveland Beacon is pleased to welcome her contributions for your reading enjoyment.