A special message to seniors by Indian Hill School District Superintendent Kirk Koennecke


INDIAN HILL, OH (June 3, 2021) – Here is the message from Indian Hill Schools Superintendent Kirk Koennecke to the Class of 2021. 

IHHS Class of 2021 Celebrates with the traditional toss of the cap at end of commencement ceremony (Provided)

Indian Hill High School Class of 2021:

If the story of your senior year had a theme, I believe it would be resilience.

By definition, resilience is the capacity to recover; it is toughness; it is the ability to withstand adversity.

Resilience gives you strength to overcome hardship.

This was no ordinary school year. You proved yourself extraordinary as you excelled academically and thrived in your achievements within athletics and the arts, even as odds were stacked against you due to COVID-19.

You overcame hardship. 

Your legacy is your resilience.

We – your teachers, your families, your community – stand in awe at the grace with which you have navigated this school year.

Kirk Koennecke, Superintendent, Indian Hill Schools delivers commencement message to IHHS Class of 2021 (Provided)

Class of 2021: We will remember you as leaders. You are a shining example of student success during this unique chapter of your lives.

Your story is already amazing, and as the authors of the chapters yet to be written as Indian Hill High School alumni, we look forward to seeing how your stories continue.

As you prepare for the next chapter, there is one thing we want you to never forget:

You are, and you always will be, Braves.

Lead on.

Kirk Koennecke
Indian Hill School District

Kirk Koennecke, Superintendent, Indian Hill School District (Provided)