Jacob Brehm, U.S.M.C. (MHS-2019) surprised his brother at Milford High School today

By Chuck Gibson (Wendy Planika, Milford Schools contributed to this story) 

MILFORD, OH (September 23, 2020) – It was one of those special moments today at Milford High School when MHS Class of 2019 graduate Jacob Brehm, currently serving in the United States Marine Corps, surprised his younger brother, Aiden Brehm with a visit at school.

left to right: Jacob Brehm, Class of 2019; Liz Hartley, MHS Counselor & Aunt; Aiden Brehm, Class of 2024 (Courtesy Milford High School)

Jacob is serving in the Marines and due to the global pandemic has not been able to return home, or see his family since earlier this year. The unique circumstances provided a very special opportunity for Milford Schools to continue their focus on relationships while demonstrating a deeply held appreciation for those serving in the military.

Today, Jacob surprised his younger brother, Milford High School Freshmen Aiden Brehm when he returned to Milford High School so they could share an emotional and surprise reunion. Aiden and his classmates were walking around the perimeter of the school on a “mask break” when his brother came out to surprise him.

Click here to see video of the surprise memorable moment

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Aiden’s teachers, counselors, and administrators, with the special help of his aunt, Liz Hartley, MHS Counselor, helped coordinate this reunion and create a moment Aiden, Jake, and everyone will remember for a lifetime.

Note: Video link provided by Milford Schools Director of Communications and Public Relations, Wendy Planika