Delays are over: Students, Teachers & Staff are back in the schools.

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (August 31, 2020) – Students, teachers and staff officially returned to the classrooms in Loveland Schools and Milford Schools today, Monday August 31, 2020. 

School busses were running again this morning (File)

Parents and children were out on the bus stops this morning eagerly (some anxiously) awaiting the arrival of the school bus to take them to the first day of school 2020. Well, all except the Loveland High School students and parents who have to find their own transportation after budget cuts and a twice-failed levy issue caused the cutting of busses for LHS. Otherwise, all around Loveland & Milford Scool district’s morning commuters found the familiar scene of kids on the bus stops and yellow busses on the roads. 

It remains far from routine with all the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic health and safety protocols in place on the busses and in the schools. Then there is the select few who have chosen the path of remote learning – staying home and not attending in-person classes in the classrooms. This school year has already proven to be anything but normal with late starts and families desperately seeking information to make the best decision with their student for learning choices in, or outside the classrooms. We won’t even address the fall sports programs for high school athletes and coaches here. But, in case you missed it, non-contact sports like tennis, golf and cross country started their seasons a couple weeks ago with contact sports like soccer and football getting underway in just the last week.

Loveland Beacon will have more on the first day back (and remote) in the days to come this week. We’ll hear directly from Loveland High School senior Anna Colletto as she writes about her first day back in the classroom for us here on Loveland Beacon. Watch for Anna’s story later this week.  We’ll also be reaching out to students and teachers from around both Loveland & Milford Schools to get their impressions of the start of the 2020 School Year this week. 

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