Meeting scheduled to listen to the public

in-person and remotely.

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (November 20, 2020) – It’s official. The Loveland City School District Board of Education released an announcement today confirming the Special Meeting planned to listen to the public will be held Thursday, December 3. 

Loveland School Board Public Hearing before COVID (Chuck Gibson File)

COVID-19 safe protocols will be in place to ensure the safety of those who wish to attend in person at at 6:30 p.m in the LIS/LMS Cafeteria at 757 S. Lebanon Road, Loveland, OH, 45140. The meeting is being held to hear input and feedback from the community. No action will be taken by the School Board during the meeting. For those who cannot, or do not wish to attend in person, the meeting will also be available remotely. Additional information and the link to remotely access the meeting will be available on the district website . 


Here is the breakdown on positive COVID cases reported by Loveland Schools during the period of 11/14-11/20.  There were eight student cases total reported including the following: 

LHS – 4

LMS – 1

LIS – 2

LECC – 1  The student positive cases resuleted in 61 Student Close Contact Quarantines. Additionally, there were  4 Staff cases reported including three employees not assigned to a building. Those resulted in only 2 close contact quarnatines. 



It doesn’t look exactly the way Loveland Show Choirs Director Shawn Miller and members of the Show Choirs would like, but they are rehearsing and making the best of the situation in these COVID times. This week they put on special “Social Distan-SING” shirts and performed for parents in a safe masked, and social-distanced setting. Special challenges? Yes. Insurmountable obstacles? No. Masks and distancing are part of the practice and performance routine for this talented group. 

Show Choir Special “Distan-SING” performance shirt. (Provided)

Here is TIGER TALK for this week issued by the Loveland City School District each Friday: 


COVID Communication

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving Holiday break, we want to say how thankful we are for the hard work and dedication of our students, families, and staff. This year has been incredibly challenging as we work to balance providing the best educational experience possible while operating with a high level of safety.

We want everyone to come back to school after the break rested, and most importantly, healthy.

Our students have adapted incredibly well to our in-school safety practices of wearing masks, maintaining appropriate distance when possible, and frequent hand washing.

Following these recommendations during our time apart and keeping your social circle small will help ensure that everyone can be back in class and ready to learn on Monday, November 30

Please remember to check your students for symptoms before they return to school. Students should stay home if they are awaiting COVID test results. Answers to frequently asked questions about our safety procedures can be found here

The teamwork we have shown during these past few months demonstrates that care, respect, and responsibility are not just the core values of Loveland City Schools, but our entire Loveland community

Thank you.

Loveland Teacher Named “Homeroom Hero”

Heidi Weber, who is teaching our third-grade students online, has been named a B105 “Homeroom Hero!” Weber was recently nominated by friends who have noticed the hard work she’s been putting in adapting to this year’s unusual circumstances. “It has taken a great deal of re-imagining how to do things with children online, but with some creativity, we’ve been very successful and my third-graders are thriving,” Weber said. She has worked hard to make sure her students get social interaction and have strong relationships with her and each other. Thank you to Weber for her dedication to her students and congrats on the recognition!

Students Making LIS “Tiger Up” Store Deliveries

With COVID changing so many aspects of school, students at LIS have stepped up to keep one tradition going. The “Tiger Up” Store lets students cash-in “Tiger Up” tickets they receive from staff for showing the Loveland core values. In the past, that meant visiting the store, but now they fill out an order form to get their rewards. Student volunteers fill the orders and make sure the store is well stocked. Thank you for adapting and keeping this tradition going.

LMS Robotics Students Take “Pull-Toy Robots” on Parade

students holding "pull toy robots"

College and Career Prep Not Stopped by COVID

Loveland High School counselors have been working to make sure students get connected to the resources they need for college and career planning, even with COVID-19 related limitations in place. A College and Career Lecture Series, being offered virtually via Zoom gives students the information they need. Students can access past lectures and other resources here.

“Continued engagement in the career exploration process is particularly important for students this year,” said Loveland High School counselor Drews Mitchell.

November is National Career Development Month and counselors have deployed remote career assessments to guide students through some important learning. Juniors are also meeting with their counselors in-person and virtually for postsecondary planning. Our counseling staff sees this as another opportunity to live our commitment to helping students build strength in the face of life’s challenges.

“The ramifications of COVID-19 have brought changes in our economy that will have an impact in the years to come and using the tools discussed in our remote career awareness activities can give clarity to an ever-developing economic landscape,” Mitchell said.