Garth Carlier, current LIS Principal

will replace Chuck Ogdan in the role

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (April 22, 2021) – The Loveland City School District (LCSD) Board of Education (BOE) announced Loveland Intermediate School (LIS) Principal Garth Carlier has been hired to replace Chuck Ogdan as Director of Human Resources effective August 1, 2021. Current LIS Assistant Principal Julie Carter will replace Mr. Carlier as Principal there.

Garth Carlier, new Director of Human Resources for Loveland Schools (Provided)

Chuck Ogdan recently resigned his position as Director of Human Resources for LCSD after accepting an offer to become the Executive Director of Human Resources for the Mt. Healthy School District. He has served the Loveland Schools in some capacity (coach, parent, employee including Principal at Loveland Middle School-LMS) since 2006. He only moved from LMS to his current position directing human resources at the start of the current school year.

“My #1 motivator is my family,” said Ogdan. “That’s what brought me to Loveland from Princeton. It was the best thing we ever did as family.”

At the time, it meant Ogdan could be at Loveland with his sons going through school here. His oldest is going on to college now and his youngest son is still in Loveland schools. 

He may be leaving LCSD, but plans to remain an active resident in the Loveland community. He’ll be joining the administrative staff of Mt. Healthy Superintendent Dr. Valerie Hawkins for whom he has worked previously.

“Dr. Valerie Hawkins is an unbelievably amazing professional and human being,” Ogdan said. “When the opportunity came to be Executive Director of Human Resources, for me, it was really a no-brainer. It was a really good career opportunity.”

Chuck Ogdan, current Director of Human Resources for LCSD is moving on to position with Mt. Healthy Schools (Provided) 

Ogdan will serve the remainder of his contract with LCSD through July 31, 2021. He says his impending departure only motivates him to work harder to assist Mr. Carlier in the transition to replace him. Loveland School Board President Dr. Kathryn Lorenz talked about the change for Mr. Ogdan.

“He had an offer and is making a move that is best for his family and his career,” said Lorenz. “He (Mr. Ogdan) has been an excellent human resources director, perhaps for too short a time for us. I’m sorry to see he has resigned, but I believe he is doing what is good for him, his career and his family. I wish him well.”

Dr. Kathryn Lorenz, President, Board of Education, Loveland City School District (FILE)

Lorenz echoed the fact Mr. Ogdan will continue to do his job here at LCSD through the July 31st expiration of his contract. He’ll assist Mr. Carlier with the transition and she pointed out the board also approved some “transition days” for Mr. Carlier as the changeover takes place. Ogdan says a lot remains to be done, a lot is happening and he’s proud of the hard work already done during a challenging time for the Loveland Schools. Don’t forget this was a school year in the midst of a world-wide pandemic.

“There’s a lot of heavy lifting and we’ve all been doing it a lot,” Ogdan said. “It’s been great Principal’ and great teachers. I wish everybody the best.”

Ogdan wouldn’t single out just one thing that stood out for him in his time with Loveland Schools. He pointed to moving things forward at LMS including state recognition going from a grade of D to a B which likely would have been an A rating if not for the COVID-19 shutdown ending the school year prematurely in 2020.

Julie Carter, current Assistant Principal for LIS will replace Mr. Carlier as Principal there (Provided)

“The professional educators there,” said Ogdan. “Being part of what they do for kids on a day-to-day basis and leading that building to success. This year, in collaboration with the board, literally, we are the only school that has never shut down. There is still an immense amount of work behind the scenes. That’s the stuff people don’t see.”

Not just staying open during a “generational pandemic,” but coordinating the effort which made Loveland Schools a vaccination pod for Hamilton County. That resulted in nearly 1,500 Hamilton County educators getting vaccinated. Ogdan leaves behind a legacy of many accomplishments as he prepares for the next “different” challenges as the new Executive Director of Human Resources at Mt. Healthy.

Additional Changes announced by the Loveland School Board

The Loveland School Board also announced a series of changes aimed at improving outcomes for LCSD’s youngest learners. Those changes will include the elimination of the kindergarten lottery system, and better alignment of classes at Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC) and Loveland Primary School (LPS).

“The Board is pleased to announce this news as an example of the continued efforts of District administration to enhance educational experiences for our students while maximizing the use of existing facilities and financial resources,” said Dr. Kathryn Lorenz.

TEXT from the LCSD Press Release sent out by Andrew Setters follows:

Loveland Early Childhood Center

Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC) – (Provided) 

The changes include the implementation of an additional full-day kindergarten section at LECC. This change will allow the district to eliminate the current lottery system that is now used for assigning access to full-day or half-day kindergarten offerings. For the 2021-2022 school year, LECC will be offering 7 sections of full-day kindergarten and 6 sections of half-day kindergarten, better serving our students and their families. Tuition for full-day kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year will be $385 per month.

In addition, there will be a realignment of grades involving LECC and LPS. All of Loveland’s first-grade classrooms will be on the LPS campus beginning in the fall. Currently, there are first-graders at both LECC and LPS. After the realignment, the Head Start Program, our preschool, and our kindergarten students will all be together on the LECC campus, while our first and second-grade students will be together on the LPS campus.

Loveland Primary School

(LPS) Loveland Primary School (Provided) 

“These kindergarten changes mean more opportunities for our families, as the addition of the full-day section will eliminate the need for the lottery,” said Andrea Conner, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. “And by bringing all of our first-grade students together on one campus, our first-grade staff will have more opportunities for a more collaborative approach in addressing the needs of our youngest learners while sharing valuable resources.”

Immediately after students leave for summer break, work will begin at LPS and LES to accommodate the changes. Some classroom spaces will be remodeled and modular units will be used for classrooms and additional office space. The District’s plan is to maximize every available space in LPS and LES to serve students of the same grade level all in one location.

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