Braves participated with more than 88,000 students from across the world; two IHMS students earned a PERFECT SCORE!

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL, OH  (May 3, 2021) – The Indian Hill School District is celebrating both Indian Hill Middle School and Indian Hill High School students who joined more than 88,000 students worldwide in participating in the National Latin Exam. 

Each year Latin students from the District score among the top, earning awards year-after-year, and this year was no exception, with two Indian Hill Middle School students even earning perfect scores!

“After a year with so many interesting challenges, our students yet again rose to the occasion,” said Indian Hill Latin Teacher Melissa Burgess. “Mr. Atwood and I are delighted by their performance on all levels of the National Latin Exam.”  

“All of our students have worked so hard this year preparing for this exam,” said Indian Hill Latin Teacher Alex Fries. “Their hard work really shows with these results. We are so proud of all of them!”

Indian Hill High School

A total of 31 students out of 109 who participated from Indian Hill High School earned awards. Individual honors are as follows:

Summa Cum Laude/Gold Medal Awards 

Elsa Zhou, grade 10, Latin III

Connor Coffman, grade 10, Latin III

Jessie Chan, grade 11, Latin IV

Maxima Cum Laude/Silver Medal Awards

Kade Verratti, grade 11, Latin I

Ethan Zins, grade 9, Latin I

Arjun Verma, grade 9, Latin II

Sierra Meckes, grade 10, Latin III

Julianne Allspach, grade 11, Latin IV

Emily Sichel, grade 12, AP Latin

Magna Cum Laude Awards

Nicole Sichel, grade 9, Latin II

Miles Taylor, grade 9, Latin II

Sophia Chen, grade 9, Latin II

Izzy Cooper, grade 9, Latin II

Sofia Buffetta, grade 9, Latin II

Marko Petrovic, grade 10, Latin III

Kaia Woo, grade 10, Latin III

Ashwini Krishnan, grade 10, Latin III

Ethan Simonds, grade 11, Latin IV

Will Ford, grade 12, AP Latin

Sophie Sawyers, grade 12, AP Latin

Hrishi Rawat, grade 10, Latin III

Cum Laude Awards

Anna Colegrove, grade 10, Latin I

Allen Beiter, grade 9, Latin II

Anya Govil, grade 9, Latin II

Isabelle Tindale, grade 9, Latin II

Wyatt Higgins, grade 10, Latin III

Juli Lewis, grade 10, Latin III

Min Jae Kim, grade 10, Latin III

Nikhil Nayak, grade 11, Latin IV

Ryan Rammacher, grade 11, Latin IV

Indian Hill Middle School

A total of 36 students out of 90 who participated from Indian Hill Middle School earned awards. Individual honors are as follows:

Summa Cum Laude/Gold Medal Awards

JC Chen, grade 7 (Perfect Score!)

Noah Coffman, grade 7

Sophie Tindale, grade 7 (Perfect Score!)

Sydney Woo, grade 7

Grace Zhou, grade 8

Maxima Cum Laude/Silver Medal Awards

Casey de Blank, grade 7

Henry Brown, grade 8

Andrew Coburn, grade 8

Charlotte Condorodis, grade 8

Simon Gall, grade 7

Kendall Higgins, grade 7

Jay Huang, grade 7

Peyton Miles-Prouten, grade 7

Veronica Miller, grade 7

Will Palmer, grade 7

Evan Riggs, grade 7

Ollie Sheridan, grade 7

Sam Simonds, grade 8

Ben Sichel, grade 7

Arjun Velayutham, grade 8

Grace Yu, grade 7

Jason Zhao, grade 8

Magna Cum Laude Awards

Beckham Boymel, grade 8

Charlie Cathey, grade 8

Ilias D’Ambrosio, grade 8

Aidan Kincaid, grade 7

Laura Kremer, grade 8

Ella Lewis, grade 8

Courage Owen, grade 7

Penn Picton, grade 8

Paige Rabenold, grade 8

Alex Tasner, grade 8

Josie Wallbrown, grade 8

Cum Laude Awards

Daniel Choi, grade 8

Robert Hayes, grade 8

Abby Zender, grade 8

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