INDIAN HILL, OH (April, 12, 2022) How do you invest your time?

  • How do you invest your energy?
  • How do you invest your resources?

These are questions our Board of Education and administrative team analyze from an organizational perspective within the Indian Hill School District. With our focus on developing Learners as Doers, Learners as Individuals, and Learners as the Whole Child, we strive to provide unparalleled opportunities in academics, arts, and athletics for the nearly 2,200 scholars we serve.

We invest in academics

From groundbreaking work like the creation of our pilot internship program at Indian Hill High School called Experienceships, to our enduring excellence in more traditional academic rigor, we invest in people and programs that create an unparalleled academic experience K-12 for our Braves. Global language and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning begin at Indian Hill Primary School and expand building-by-building. Our high school students are challenged by an elite, nationally recognized comprehensive engineering program at Indian Hill High School. We offer 27 AP courses within Indian Hill High School, and our Class of 2021 earned the highest ACT on record, 27.4 – seven points above the national average. 

We invest in arts

From our visual art program that begins at Indian Hill Primary School, to our nationally recognized K-12 music education program – our student-artists experience the best of the best in art education. We have 400 student-musicians actively involved in our Indian Hill Middle School and Indian Hill High School bands, orchestras, and choirs. When the curtain opens on our annual Indian Hill High School musical – the stage is set for our community to enjoy talent beyond expectation for a high school production.

We invest in athletics

Multi-year state champions compete on our fields and in our arenas; multi-year state champion coaches serve our students and have joined our Brave family. From our private-public funded Home of the Braves, to our investment in the very best talent – we want our student-athletes ready to compete during their tenure as Braves and beyond. So far this school year, 10 Indian Hill High School seniors have committed to continue both academic and athletic careers in college, placing them in the top six percent of student-athletes in the country.

When you deliver unparalleled opportunities, the evolution never stops. You always analyze how to refine practice to grow. You continually strive to expand your vision.

We are so fortunate to reside within a supportive community dedicated to our #IHPromise to prioritize our students by empowering their voice in a personalized, collaborative, and inclusive learning environment.

Thank you for helping us make these life-changing investments. Thank you for partnering with us in developing Learners as Doers, Learners as Individuals, and Learners as the Whole Child. Thank you for providing the resources necessary to create unparalleled experiences in academics, the arts, and athletics for the school community we serve.

The future of our students depends on it.

In service to our children,


Kirk Koennecke


Indian Hill School District

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