Phillips Park sewer connect could start as early as Monday, July 6, while road striping in the Downtown District was rescheduled for evening hours to avoid a repeat of traffic snarls.  HERE IS THE UPDATE FOR JULY 03, 2020 FOR OUR READER’S CONVENIENCE. IT IS ALSO AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC ON THE CITY WEBSITE



TO: Mayor and Council

FROM: David Kennedy, City Manager

RE: Weekly Update

DATE: July 03, 2020

 LOVELAND, OH (June 03, 2020) –

City Hall, Loveland, Ohio (File) 


Tuesday, Mayor Bailey and I attended a round-table discussion in Milford regarding the distribution of the Clermont County Local Government Fund (LGF). In addition to the City of Milford representatives were present from the Villages of Bethel, Moscow and Batavia. Each of the various cities and villages are passing legislation requesting discussions among the county, village/cities and townships, to find a more equitable distribution of the LGF funding. The City of Loveland has already passed such legislation and forwarded it to the Clermont County Commissioners

Building and Zoning

On Tuesday, the city received a letter from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) regarding the Community Assistant Contact (CAC) from April 29th and their subsequent review of requested documentation which dated back to the last CAC conducted in 2003.

The letter states: “..Loveland is working to perform effective floodplain management. Their response satisfies our request and successfully completes our formal CAC process.” A recommendation to close the CAC because the City satisfies requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was made by ODNR to FEMA.

I’d like to acknowledge City Engineer, Cindy Klopfenstein and Building and Zoning Clerk, Becky Noel for their efforts in supplying the myriad of permits and other information requested by ODNR.

Public Works

A pre-construction meeting was held on Wednesday for the Phillips Park sewer connection project. Permits from the County and MSD have been obtained. The contractor, JW Brennan, expects to mobilize and start construction as early as Monday, July 6. The allowable start date was postponed to July 6 so as not to interfere with the July 4 fireworks in the park.

Paving and curb repairs on Riverside Drive and in the Pheasant Hills subdivision occurred this week. With all paving completed on Riverside Drive, the paving work in Pheasant Hills is expected to be completed next week.

Road striping in the downtown district was rescheduled to be completed in the evening hours so not to cause traffic disruptions. Additionally, following discussions with the Friends of the Little Miami State Park, we will be utilizing thermoplastic laddering striping, for the bike trail crossing on the recently paved Broadway Street. Thermoplastic striping is a very durable, albeit more expensive, type of road striping. Thermoplastic striping contains glass beads and the material is heated making it more durable, longer lasting and more visible at night. The Broadway Street bike trail crossing is a more viable candidate for this type of laddering striping as it does not contain brick pavers as does West Loveland Avenue and Harrison Avenue. We are coordinating the timing of the work with Loveland Canoe and Kayak as not to cause additional disruptions to their business operations.

This week, work was finalized on the installation of new basketball goals at Kiwanis Park. The new goals coupled with the installation of the new playset and swing set in early 2019, are nice improvements to the neighborhood park.


LPD officers and members of the Hamilton County Bomb Squad responded to a suspicious unmarked box delivered on Bristol Court. The marked box did not contain any explosives. Officers arrested two people on warrants. Chief Rahe, Lieutenant Campbell, and Officer Caudell assisted at the first Loveland Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association meeting of the year. Chief Rahe and Lieutenant Campbell interviewed 4 police officer candidates.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

Comprehensive Plan Committee, Monday July 6, 7:00 PM @ City Hall