The peaceful demonstraton against racial prejudice took place in Miami Township Friday evening, June 19, at 6 p.m.

By Chuck Gibson

MIAMI TOWNSHIP, CLERMONT COUNTY, OH (June 19th, 2020) – They gathered close to 100 strong in the parking lot of Epiphany United Methodist Church (EUMC) in Loveland before moving onto the intersection of Branch Hill-Guinea Pike & Loveland-Miamiville Road to bear silent witness against racial prejudice. 

Some of the nearly 100 who gathered first at Epiphany United Methodist Church in Loveland in preparation for a planned peaceful demonstration (Chuck Gibson) 

By the time the group of demonstrators gathered on the corner in front of the United Dairy Farmer store, the crowd had swelled to a number estimated to be 150 people. Shortly after 6 p.m., at the direction of Rev. Lisa Kerwin, a pastor at EUMC and one of the event organizers, the group knelt together in silence. Some were holding signs, but all stayed on their knee for 8 minutes-46 seconds – the same amount of time the Minneapolis Police Officer knelt with one knee on the neck of George Floyd leaving him unable to breathe. 

It was a silent, but potentially powerful witness by a large assembly of peaceful and well-behaved demonstrators. 


Members of Epiphany United Methodsit Church of Loveland knelt silently for 8 minutes – 46 seconds Friday, June 19, in Miami Township (Chuck Gibson) 

Announcement of the planned “Silent Witness” demonstration to kneel and block traffice in the intersection at the start of the week met with critical opposition. Following discussions with Miami Township officiials, including Miami Township Police Chief Mike Mills, the plan was revised to meet safety and traffic laws. The Miami Township Police Department was on hand to provide protection and maintain safety for all involved. It is worthy to note, there was no disturbance of traffic or business in the area during the demonstration.

Check Loveland Beacon News Saturday for full story, more photos and comments from organizers, the police and participants.