Process expected to take weeks

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND/MIAMI TWP. OH (July 14, 2022) – Just over a week has passed since severe storms and tornadoes swept through Goshen, Miami Township and Loveland leaving a path of destruction and a massive clean-up effort. 

Piles of tree limbs and brush from downed trees line the streets of communities all through Miami Township (File Photo Chuck Gibson)

With more than a week gone since storms downed trees all around Miami Township and Loveland, a large volume of brush has piled up on curbsides lining the streets. Earlier this week, Miami Township administrator Jeff Wright assured the community pickup of the brush would begin this week. Late this afternoon, Thursday, July 14, he gave an update on the status of curbside brush pickup in Miami Township.

“We have begun curbside pickup. The volume is so large, and is occurring in so many neighborhoods, that we anticipate it taking us a few weeks to complete.” – Jeff Wright, Miami Township Administrator 

Many residents contracted the services of tree removal companies to assist in clearing downed trees and removing dangerous damaged trees left standing. In some of those cases the tree service companies also provided chippers to remove brush from the downed tree limbs. Still, as Wright said, a large volume of brush lining the streets remains to be cleared/picked up. He offered details on why the process may take weeks. 

Jeff Wright, Miami Township Administrator (File)

“We must drive the brush a long distance to dispose of it, causing a large time to be spent on the transporting component of the work,” Wright explained. 

Not all of the work will be done by Miami Township Service Department crews. As Wright stated earlier in the week, they sought out private firms to address the large volume of pickup in an effort to expedite the work more quickly. 

“To try to speed up the process, we are going to contract with two private firms to assist us in the removal process,” said Wright.

For those who wish to, and have the ability to remove brush from their own property, Miami Township will provide a voucher to drop off your brush at Bzak Landscaping & Garden Center located at931 Round Bottom Rd, Milford, OH 45150. Just stop by the Miami Township government center located at: 6101 Meijer Drive • Miami Township OH • 45150 to pickup your voucher. 

Watch for more updated information on the Miami Township website at: