Little Miami Brewing Event Center was abuzz

Thursday, March 10

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (March 19, 2022) – Teaming up to organize the 2022 Business Expo appeared to be a good idea for Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce and Little Miami River Chamber Alliance based on early turnout Thursday, March 10 , at the Little Miami Brewing Event Center in Milford, OH.

A representative from Vital Chiropractic talks with a visitor during the Business Expo Thrusday, March 10 (Chuck Gibson )

The event was scheduled for 4-7 p.m. at the new event venue nestled along the Scenic Little Miami River behind the Little Miami Brewing Company at the edge of Milford, OH. There was a steady crowd milling about visiting the booths of businesses showcasing their wares and services. Even before entering the event center, representatives of Pedego Electric Bikes were offering test rides on the latest electric bikes. Once inside, the hosts from the two chambers were on hand to welcome visitors and direct them into the main exposition area to visit a wide range of local businesses. Doug Hyrne had a prime location for his family-owned Time Savers Heating & Cooling business from Loveland just inside the main entrance to the expo center.

“The crowd has been steady from the start,” Hyrne said. “We were set up at the Loveland business expo last year. This one is a lot better. It was a great idea for them to combine in this larger venue.”

The LMRCA expo one year ago was in the new event center in Loveland which Hyrne believes is a little smaller than the new event center in Milford. He didn’t know where they should go next year, but liked what he saw this year.

“I hope they keep working together,” said Hyrne. “It’s been great this year.”

Ohio House Representative Jean Schmidt was one of the visitor to the Business Expo Thursday, March 10. She stopped for a picture with Lonna Kinsbury and the Kingsbury Productions bunny (Chuck Gibson)

Just down the expo aisle from Hyrne was Lonna Kingsbury showcasing her Kingsbury Productions. People were enjoying having their photo taken with the Bunny Mascot she brought along to demonstrate a little of the “Exceptional Event” experience her Milford company produces. She was equally excited about the crowd of people visiting the expo. Business vendors were happy to be showcasing their goods and services, but it was also an opportunity to showcase the venue itself. Many visitors were eager to see the Little Miami Brewing Event Center for the first time. Andrea Brady, Executive Director, Milford/Miami Township Chamber of Commerce was happy with way the turnout looked.

“Turnout has been fantastic,” said Brady. “We couldn’t have hoped for better. The weather is perfect and I think people are really excited to see businesses from not only Milford and Miami Township area, but also from Loveland.”

A steady crowd mixed and mingled with exhibitors during the 2022 Business Expo Thursday, March 10, in Milford, OH (Chuck Gibson)

Brady believes the partnership with the two chambers has been a benefit to both. Not only does she see the benefit to the chambers, but specifically the business members of both. The turnout of people is providing businesses a chance to meet potential new customers.

“Everybody I’ve talked to has been very happy,” Brady said. “They feel like they’re getting good solid leads and meeting not only people coming to visit the expo, but other exhibitors. I think a lot of good connections were made today.”

It would seem the first good connection was bringing the two chambers together to present the business expo. Will they continue to team up in the future?

“We were talking about plans for the future before we even got going,” said Brady. “Yeah, with the success here today, I would say we are going to continue this. I can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t.”

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