17th annual golf outing for CancerFree Kids nets $96K

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (July 28, 2022) – The 17th Annual Paxton’s Grill Golf Outing for CancerFree Kids (CFK) was played over three days in June and raised $96,000. 

Wednesday, July 27th, Ralph Dunnigan (Paxton’s Grill owner/partner) joined with Jeff Hollingsworth (Committee member) in formally, and ceremoniously, presenting the $96K check to Jill Brink, Executive Director CancerFree Kids outside the Paxton’s Grill in Historic Downtown Loveland. The amount represents a record fundraising total for the annual Paxton’s Grill outing to benefit CFK surpassing the $85,550 record-setting total raised during the event one year ago. The donated funds support the mission of the local Loveland-based organization funding pediatric cancer research. As executive director for CancerFree Kids, Jill Brinck is especially appreciative of the efforts of Paxton’s Grill and all who help make the annual golf outing such a success each year.

Jill Brinck (Left) Executive Director CancerFree Kids receives the Big Check from Paxton’s Grill Ralph Dunnigan (middle) and Jeff Hollingsworth (right) funds raised by 2022 Golf Outing (Chuck Gibson)

“Once again the team from the Paxton’s Golf committee showed up in a huge way raising almost $100, 000 dollars for CancerFree Kids fueling our mission of finding better treatments for kids with cancer,” said Brinck. “It’s incredible; the commitment and the loyalty, it’s so easy to see people stop after a few years. You don’t see events like this lasting for this length of time. This just shows the dedication, commitment, loyalty and passion these guys have for the organization and what we do. I am grateful to be a part of it.”

Jill Brinck CFK Director

Jill Brinck, Executive Director CancerFree Kids

Brinck estimated the $96K donation from Paxton’s Grill Golf Outing translates to “almost two grants” which means research leading to potential treatments for kids with cancer.

“It translates to huge potential therapies for kids,” Brinck said. She explained there is a trial underway for a treatment that is showing great progress. “That started with a $10,000 dollar grant. We are high risk, high reward and we recognize that, but you can’t make tremendous impact and tremendous progress without investment. They are so dedicated to fueling that for us . . . it’s incredible! I’m humbled, grateful and honored.”

Ralph Dunnigan gave a simple reply in response to the gratitude shown by Jill Brinck for the continuing effort of Paxton’s and their Golf Outing community on behalf of CFK.

“We enjoy doing it,” said Dunnigan. “We love doing it. We have a couple new committee members joining next year too; also people who share the same passion.”

“The camaraderie of the group of committee members has been great from the time I joined years ago not knowing anybody and becoming very close friends with the group,” said Jeff Hollingsworth, current committee member. “That’s why we get together at the end of the day we give to a great cause.”

Dunnigan admits they could not have imagined how this event would grow and impact CancerFree Kids when they had the first outing 17-plus years ago at Crooked Tree Golf Course in Mason with about 10 teams. The committee is already planning the 2023 outing and aiming to set another new fundraising record by surpassing $100K.

“We’ve come a long way,” Dunnigan said. They had approximately 65 teams playing on three different days this year on two different golf courses (Hickory Woods and the first time at Oasis G.C.) “A lot of the volunteers help out. I can’t say enough about the sponsors. They just step up year after year. Jeff knows and I know they are very generous.”

Jill Brinck summed it all up noting the growth of it extends beyond the annual golf outing as an entry point for a lot of those golfers who now support CancerFree Kids beyond the golf outing.

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