One parents’ message seeking grace, patience and understanding.

SPECIAL: From a Loveland School parent

LOVELAND, OH (August 15, 2022) – This special message from Joanne Prater here in our Loveland Community also serves well as a universal message for students, parents, teachers, staff, and school communities all over on the First Day Back to School. Here is her message:

Joanne Prater – Loveland resident and Loveland School Parent (Photo courtesy Joanne Prater)

As we start on another school year, as a former employee and current parent of three Loveland tigers, I thought I would ask our community for a little grace, patience and understanding.

Just as your little ones are probably nervous and hopefully very excited to get started, so are the teachers and staff. Please be patient and kind over the next week. If they don’t respond to your email that same day, take a deep breath and know that they will respond. Most are also parents who are navigating all the same emotions and stresses of the first week of school. Give them time.

If your bus is late, have patience. They want to make sure they get every child home safely. Some drivers are learning new routes and are meeting their kiddos for the first time. Take a deep breath and give them grace.

Yes, traffic will be awful. But that’s okay. You’ll get home or to soccer practice, just give yourself some more time. Maybe pack a snack and a book.  

Parents, please give yourself some grace. It will be hectic and stressful, but just know, you are doing the best that you can. Make easy dinners or get take out. Enjoy this time. It’s an exciting new journey for your child. Embrace it. And maybe let them take a nap.

Sweet dreams Pawsitive Tigers!

NOTE: Joanne Prater resides in Loveland, OH, is a parent of Loveland School students and formerly an employee of the Loveland Schools. She also serves as an administrator for the PAWSITIVE TIGERS Facebook Group page promoting positive messaging and information about the Loveland Schools.