Army Green Beret Danny Patton is a modern-day warrior fighting battles that range from tribal Afghanistan to his own living room.


CINCINNATI, OH, OCTOBER 18-20, 2019 – As the corrosive gears of war begin to rip apart his family, his integrity, and his soul, Danny is thrust into his final, eternal mission. On the other side, with Valhalla beckoning, he discovers that combat can be fueled by vengeance or by love… it just depends which price you are willing to pay. You’ve heard the war stories of the “first in.” This is the untold story of the “Last Out”, on stage at Fairfield Community Arts Center, October 18-20, 2019.

War comes with many costs, some more obvious than others. The physical wounds and loss of life are tragic, but visible, and burdens that are readily shared. There are hundreds of thousands of military veterans and family members for whom the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still being waged, at home. Their stories are seldom told andrarely understood. This is a not only a shame, but a threat to our national security and the fabric of our society – but we’re changing that.

Written by former Green Beret, LTC Scott Mann and based on real events, “Last Out” is a story that has never been told in a voice that has never been heard. Performed by a professional cast of military veterans, this play is a white-knuckle ride that tells the real story of our soldiers and the families that fight alongside them. Last Out is a theatrical experience intended to help civilians better understand the cost of combat to our veterans and their families, and to help our warriors utilize the power of story to let go of their pain, healing the wounds of war.

This year, LTC Mann’s nonprofit, The Heroes Journey, is taking “Last Out” on a 20-city tour and is receiving rave reviews from active duty members, Vietnam Veterans, Gold Star Families, military families, and civilians with no military connections at all. The play has received strong critical reviews from Washington DC Metro Theater Arts, Military Times, and many others.

“LAST OUT” grapples with the fallout of the 18 long years, and countless deployments, following 9-11, showing us, on stage, for the first time, what our military families have experienced, and continue to experience, as the next generation begins fighting a war we haven’t finished. A huge driving force behind the creation of “LAST OUT” was Mann’s own son, Cody, joining the Army to continue fighting the same war Mann had been fighting for years. If America is going to continue to send her sons and daughters into the crucible of combat, American Citizens need to know what we are asking them to do. We believe “Last Out” is a powerful and meaningful way to do just that.

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Following an Off-Broadway run in NYC, “LAST OUT” has arrived on stage at Fairfield Community Arts Center for three special performances:

Opening night – Friday October 18th at 8 PM,

Saturday October 19th, at 8 PM, and

Sunday October 20th at 2 PM.

Tickets are available at

“LAST OUT” is produced by The Heroes Journey, a 501c3 nonprofit founded by Scott Mann and his wife, Monty Mann, dedicated to helping our military men and women find their voice and tell their story in transition with free books, workshops, and virtual training. These free resources will be made available to veterans in each city “LAST OUT” stops in throughout the nationwide tour, with the addition of on-site counselors trained in treating PTS. All proceeds from ticket sales go to The Heroes Journey to fund these free resources