Little Miami River Chamber released the winning poems for the 2021 Loveland Valentine program

By Chuck Gibson

LOVELAND, OH (February 12, 2021) – The Loveland Valentine Ladies reported receiving a record number of submissions for the 2021 poetry contest.

Believe it or not, entries arrived from all over North America. Mostly they came from around Loveland and especially from second grade students at Loveland Primary School. Entries came from past winners and first-time poets too.

“We really are looking forward to next year and even more entries.  Maybe by then we’ll be able to have our Valentine breakfast and celebrate the winners there.” – Valentine Ladies.

Loveland Valentine Ladies at recent kick-off of 2021 Loveland Valentine season (Chuck Gibson File)

CLICK HERE to watch the Poetry Winners video now.

The Valentine Ladies said they had difficult choices picking a winner in each category. In fact, they chose two winners in the 1st thru 4th grade category. Not surprisingly, there were lots of COVID references, but the theme of LOVE won out over COVID in LOVELAND.

“We really enjoyed all the poems and want to thank all the poets who entered.” – The Valentine Ladies.

Here is the text of ALL the winning Poems:

Loveland Valentine Ladies2021 Poetry contest winners


Puppies are Love by Roman Lyke

LECC – Teacher Emily Parnin

Everything that puppies do makes me feel love

They lick my face.  They bite my fingers

They fuss and try to jump over the gate

They are super cuddly

They don’t make me do chores

They don’t put me in time-out

The don’t ask me to brush my hair

They are really playful.  Except when they are sleeping.

Puppies are love

First Grade:

It’s Valentine’s Day by Lillian True

LECC – Teacher Mrs. Bebout

It’s Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

I want to run and yell HOORAY!

I love the pink and red.

I love the cards and hearts.

But nothing is better than a big box of sweet tarts!

So, go give lots o hugs

And big kisses too!

And remember my love will stick to you –

Like a giant pile of glue!

Second Grade:

Valentine’s Day Fun in Covid by Amalie Lyke

LPS – Teacher Jamie Meyer

Covid Really Stinks

But we can still have fun

We can celebrate Valentine’s Day

Just in different ways


I can party in my mask

And share Valentine’s Day cards with my class

I can’t see my grandparents but I can cll them on the phone

So that way on Valentine’s Day they won’t be alone


I can’t share treats and sweets

But I can still share love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Third Grade:

Valentine’s Poem by Jane Jeranek

LES 3rd Grade

L – is for Loveland

O – is for Overjoyed

V – is for Valentine’s Day

E – is for Enjoyable times

And that is why I Love You

Fourth Grade:

Something? By Theodore Lyke

LES – teacher Kerri Glover

There was something I wanted to say

But I guess I forgot

It was just right there but now it is not

What’s the point of this poem?  Can I catch another good thought?

Yes!  Oh, yes!  Let me just say

Have a very good Valentine’s Day!

Fifth Grade:

For a Cute Rose by Claire Motylinski

LIS Teacher Mr. Ernst

Daisies are pretty,

Daffies have style,

A manner is friendly,

And so is your smile.

A rose is romantic

Just like you.

Tulips are charming,

Violets have cuteness,

The sun is bright,

Just like your greatness.

A rose is romantic

Just like you.

Eighth Grade:

Our Unbreakable Love by Caroline Lorio

LMS – Teacher Mrs. Pecsok 

Thank you for teaching me love

And stopping my pain.

You healed me from struggle and,

Taught me to dance in the rain.


Life was an adventure with no map

With forks in the roads that give me two paths.

But with you whenever the stormy seas tried to throw us off boat,

You were my anchor and kept me afloat.


When we went through treacherous storms

And other stuff that tried to break us apart

Our love was always stronger

And nothing can ever tear our love apart.


Grades 9-12:

How to Love in 2020 by Ava Schwan


Love is not reserved for Valentine’s Day

It is skipping the handshake and opting for a wave.

Perhaps it’s a smile to neighbor, just to say,

“I’m thinking of you.  Are you doing okay?”


Though we are physically apart, we still can show affection.

Not through touch, but through other acts unexpected.

Delivering groceries, sewing masks, and shopping local,

Communities working together toward the same end goal.


While these acts of kindness are small, the message is clear:

To remind others they are loved, even in this crazy year.

Though love may be expressed differently sometime

It is still present, however unprecedented the times.


COVID, meet CUPID by Lexi and Nancy Duff

I thought I’d better warn you, COVID, there’s a new sheriff coming to town

He takes his job very seriously, and he’s not messin’ around


Don’t underestimate Mr. Cupid

Or judge him by his looks

He’s way tougher than all those other Holiday characters

You might have read about in Children’s books


Don’t get me wrong, COVID, there were a few things we learned during your stay

Like how to love from a distance, and appreciate our family more every day


But you’re in Loveland Town now

Where you’re weak and have no paper

So I’m sorry to tell you, Mr. Virus

You have lived your final hour


Cupid has finally arrived

And his arrows are drawn

Haven’t you heard?  Love ALWAYS wins!

So you best be movin’ on!