Loveland and surrounding area students among those recognized for their achievements in theater arts

NEWS RELEASE: Jennifer Murphy, Markting Communications Director

SYMMES TOWNSHIP, OH (June 12, 2020) – Thirty-two Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy students were recently inducted into the school’s chapter of the International Thespian Society (ITS). 

The International Thespian Society (ITS) was founded in 1929 (Provided) 

 Founded in 1929, the mission of ITS is to honor student achievement in the theater arts. ITS is an honorary organization for high school and middle school theater students located at more than 4,200 affiliated secondary schools across America, Canada, and abroad.

To be inducted into ITS, students earn points for a variety of theatrical involvement, both on and off the stage. 

This year’s inductees were involved in acting, student production, and orchestra. Students need a minimum of ten points to be invited to join and then can accumulate points to earn honors and “stars”. Instead of competing against each other or students from other schools, each student is awarded and recognized based on their specific areas of involvement. Opportunities for involvement this year at CHCA included the following productions: James and the Giant Peach, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), Off the Cuff, Footloose the Musical, Academy Night Live, and The One Act.

Stock image from “Footloose: The Musical” 

Stock image from “James & the Giant Peach” 

Troupes do have opportunities to take cuttings from shows and perform them for a panel of theater professionals, who will critique them and then possibly pass them on to perform at state, regional, or national conferences. While the school was able to perform a majority of stage shows live, two of their shows were performed via zoom and filmed remotely, considering social distancing and CDC guidelines, thus leaning into the idea that the show must go on! However, due to COVID, there were no further opportunities to perform for critiques.

CHCA Artistic Director of Theatre Susan Jung says every year offers the privilege of inducting students into the International Thespian Society honoring their work in the theatre arts.

“Although we couldn’t have an official ceremony to recognize our students this year, I know that these students do not do theatre for the recognition, but for the passion of the work and community of theatre,” said Jung. “We have so many exceptional students who float easily from stage to production to the orchestra pit and that is something very rare in a high school. Our students put in so many hours and bring excellence to every aspect of their work. They are also just amazing humans and our department is better with each and every member. I’d like to extend my congratulations and thank you to these inductees. They truly deserve this honor.”

Congratulations to the following CHCA students who were inducted to the International Thespian Society :

Jonathan Edgington (of Wilmington) ’20
Anna McSwain (of Glendale) ’20
Caylee Butrum (of Loveland) ’21
Riley Cebulskie (of Loveland) ’21
Faye Cuasay (of Mason) ’21
Tania de la Rosa (of Mason) ’21
Kenta Hagiwara (of West Chester) ’21
Noah Pessell (of Loveland) ’21

Luke Pancioli (of Mason)’22
Colin Swayze (of West Chester) ’22
Liam Vanderwoude (of Montgomery) ’22
Hailey Wichard (of Montgomery) ’22
Wilbur Wiggins (of Maineville) ’22
Hailey Williams (of Sycamore Twp.) ’22
Ady Anderson (of Morrow) ’23
Reece Clary (of Cincinnati) ’23

Pria Thompson (of Blue Ash) ’21
Brandon Wolf (of Mason) ’21
Connor Espenshade (of Mason) ’22
Henry Heimlich (of Loveland) ’22
Kaitlyn Lott (of Loveland) ’22
Chris Max (of Loveland) ’22
Claire Mitchell (of Montgomery) ’22
Brendan Murphy (of Loveland) ’22

Tyler Gage (of Milford) ’23
Alexa Gaudet (of Mason) ’23
Ainsley Keyes (of Fairfield) ’23
Carley Millette (of Mason) ’23
Isaac Mills (of Loveland) ’23
Rachael Reynolds (of Milford) ’23
Bianca Rodriguez (of Liberty Township) ’23
Abby Rosenfeldt (of Loveland) ’23

Many of CHCA’s theatre students are currently serving as counselors kicking off the summer for Jung’s summer theatre program, “Stagestruck,” which will entail acting, directing, filming, and producing a full-length theatrical production after two weeks of a “remote” camp. This has never been done before. 

“This is an amazing opportunity to act in a film,” exclaimed one of the rising sixth grade performers. “Mr. and Mrs. Jung and the counselors are making it a lot of fun!”

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