By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson) 

LOVELAND, OH (June 12, 200) – In this fourth issue of the new Steve Kovacs: Antique Maps & Fun Facts feature here on Loveland Beacon, Steve teaches us a little about the complicated history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Steve Kovacs, Antique Map Collector, Loveland Resident (Provided) 

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was established in 1867 on this day.

The Empire was a constitutional dual monarchy.  It was complicated country with dual capitals of Vienna and Budapest, two legislatures and five official languages.

Its diversity of cultures and many resources helped to propel the Austro-Hungarian Empire into being one of the top five global economies.  World War I ended poorly for the Empire, and it was broken up. Nine countries were formed or enlarged by the Empire’s landmass.  

This map of the Empire by Rand McNally Co. is from 1880 and shows the various color-coded political subdivisions. 

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This 1880 map of the Empire was created by Rand-McNally Co. (Credit Steve Kovacs)