By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (March 13, 2024) – In this edition of Fun with Maps, we celebrate the land of the live lobsta!!!


At one time the Massachusetts Bay Company had illusions of grandeur and hoped to build its own empire.  That started with the purchase of an area of land now known as Maine on March 13, 1677 for the hefty sum of 1250 pounds sterling, roughly $6000, or about $700,000 in today’s value.

At the time, the land had been deeded to Englishman Sir Ferdinando Gorges, who died without ever visiting America.  The land had basically been absorbed into Massachusetts since no one was there to settle and run it, but it was formally purchased from Gorges’ heirs. 

It remained a province of Massachusetts until 1820 when Maine became a state as part of the Missouri Compromise, Maine being the northern state to balance out the southern state of Missouri.

With over 4000 islands and nearly 3500 miles of coastline, Maine has depended on fishing and boat building as major industries since it was settled.  The easternmost state, it is the first one in the US to see daylight each morning.

Johnson captures Maine and its counties in this map from 1863.

Maine – Circa 1863 (Credit Steve Kovacs)

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