DAILY FEATURE: By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (January 12, 2021) – In Issue 2021-7 of Steve Kovacs Fun with Maps we meet Gotham City’s famous Caped Crusader

The 1966 TV series intorduced actor Adam West as Batman (Stock image)


Batman premiered on TV (ABC) in 1966 on this day.

The mega-franchise started in Detective Comics (DC) in 1939.  Many characters and locales are associated with this hero: Batgirl, Robin, Penguin, Joker, Gotham City, etc. 

How many superheroes can you name, and which one is your favorite?

While Gotham City is imaginary, Nashville’s AT&T building is nicknamed “Batman Building” given its batman like appearance.  However, the historically largest US metropolis is New York City, so it is the best surrogate for Gotham City.  Thus, the map going with Batman is Mitchell’s New York City map from 1877.

N.Y. City (Gotham City) map – 1877 (Credit Steve Kovacs)

Steve Kovacs and his wife Theresa reside in Loveland, Ohio where they raised their two children. He is a passionate collector of antique maps.

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