From the Poets Corner collection

By Susan F. Adams

LOVELAND, OH (March 15, 2024) – Poet Susan F. Adams takes us, once again, into the garden – with her sister Judy Armstrong.

Today’s “Poets Corner” is born of the love of the beauty found in a well nurtured flower garden – even when winter looms and nurturing needs a little catching up.

Susan shared the following story about the photo and inspiration for today’s feature poem: Resolutions Gone Amuck

Here’s the photo and her description of it:  

This is my sister, Judy Armstrong, who can be found here every winter as she tries to beat Old Man Winter. Global warming helped her this year. NOTICE her homemade seat.  – Susan F. Adams

Below you’ll find today’s feature poem: 

Resolutions Gone Amuck 

Judy Armstrong in the flower garden – trying to be “Old Man Winter” (Photo Susan F. Adams)

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