Loveland Schools Robotics Team Supports Loveland Police Department Inclusion Efforts for Halloween

News Alert – Loveland Schools:

On Halloween, the Loveland Police Department (LPD) will bring candy to the homes of children and adults in the Loveland community who are unable to trick-or-treat due to a disability. It’s part of the LPD’s effort to include those who otherwise would not be able to participate and make Halloween special for them, too.

Loveland Middle School FIRST Lego Robotics team “Striped Might” met with Lieutenant Mike Szpak on Sunday evening to share their supply of candy and gifts to be distributed. Striped Might is a rookie team with rookie coaches – Anna Macura and Jay Frazier – rising up to the challenge of FIRST Robotics.

“Robotics is not just about the BOT,” said Joanna Reese. “Inclusion is a core value of the robotics program and this is a wonderful way for us to share that with our community.” Reese is a member of the Bionic Tigers, one of two FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics teams at Loveland High School, and serves as a mentor for the younger members of Striped Might.

Lt. Szpak spent about an hour with the team members during their Sunday practice at Loveland Middle School. At the end of the visit, the team was invited to help deliver any Halloween leftover candy to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.

“We will still take requests from our community through Wednesday,” said Lt. Szpak. “If you have a loved one within the Loveland city limits you would like us to visit, please send an email to with their name, address and your phone number. We’ll be out making visits and dropping candy between 6 and 8 o’clock on Thursday evening.”

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Photo caption 1: Loveland FTC Lego Team Striped Might, their coaches Anna Macura and Jay Frazier, and mentors Joanna Reese, Brayden Watts and Ally Oh, created candy bags – including special “robot candy” – for the LPD’s efforts to make Halloween in Loveland inclusive of all, especially those who are restricted by disabilities. Inclusion is a core value of the FIRST Robotics program.

Photo caption 2: During his hour-long visit with Striped Might, Lt. Szpak took the opportunity to demonstrate the technology he uses on the job.

Photo caption 3: Grant, one of more than a hundred students in grades 2-12 involved in robotics at Loveland Schools, showed his work to Lt. Szpak.