3 year old Brynn Schulte is celebrating her birthday by hosting a community blood drive for Hoxworth

HOXWORTH BLOOD CENTER: Jackie Marschall, PIO (Edited for publication) 

CINCINNATI, OH (July 19, 2022) –Brynn Schulte is hosting an annual birthday blood drive this Thursday, July 21 to give back to the community and support the local blood supply.

3 year old BrynnSchulte suffers from rare blood disorder (Provided)

This is a story that reaches beyond survival and to the world of grace and giving. Brynn Schulte was diagnosed with Factor XIII shortly after she was born in 2019. Factor XIII deficiency is an extremely rare blood disorder characterized by abnormal blood clotting that may result in abnormal bleeding. Brynn had to be rushed to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital a day after she was born. She went through many tests, examinations and, unfortunatley, more ER visits before she was diagnosed with factor XIII deficiency.

Brynn’s story and connection to the lifesaving donors who support Hoxworth Blood Centers does not end with her diagnosis. Up to now, Brynn has received roughly 624 infusions of Corifact ((Factor XIII medication made from human plasma). That means 624 selfless blood donors have saved Brynn’s life. 

Raising awareness of the selfless act of lifesaving blood donation has become a sort of mission for Brynn’s mother Lindsay Schulte.

“It remains my mission, and will continue to be, year over year, to bring awareness to the lifesaving, selfless act of donating blood,” said Lindsay Schulte. “It is literally and figuratively the heartbeat of our family. It gives our Brynn life.”

Brynn’s Birthday Blood Drive: 

  • DATE: July 21, 2022
  • TIME: 9 a.m – 3 p.m.
  • WHERE:  6371 Grand Vista Ave. Cincinnati, OH, 45213
  • NOTE: All donors will receive a free Hoxworth beach towel as a thank you.
  • APPOINTMENTS for Brynn’s Birthday Blood Drive are highly encouraged, though walk-ins are welcome.
  • SCHEDULE online at: hoxworth.org/groups/brynn.
  • OR CALL – (513) 451-0910

“We want to ‘pay it forward’ to those that have helped us along our journey,” Lindsay said. “We want to show our gratitude, by giving back, as well as bringing awareness to how important, and EASY, donating blood can be. People want to ‘help’ or ‘give’ in times of crisis, and this blood drive is a way for people to truly give back.”

NOTE: To learn more about Brynn’s story and diagnosis, visit hoxworth.org/donors/profiles/brynn