LWC awards $5K in scholarships

By Chuck Gibson (Note: Information provided by Loveland Woman’s Club

LOVELAND, OH (June 30, 2022) – The Loveland Woman’s Club (LWC) recently announced their 2022 scholarship winners.

Abby Pawlikowski – winner of one of three scholarships awarded by Loveland Woman’s Club (File photo Chuck Gibson)

NOTE: No photos were available for Nicole Pedicini or Audrey Planner

Two Loveland High School graduates were named winners of the $2,000 scholarship award.

Abby Pawlikowski is heading to the University of South Carolina where she aspires to be a physical therapist. In the recommendation for the LWC scholarship her biology teacher wrote Abby “is stellar character”.

Nicole Pedicini will apply her scholarship award to her studies at Duke University. She plans to study chemistry and ultimately pursue medicine.  The outstanding recommendation from her honors teacher cited Nicole’s own goals stating “she wants to make a difference”. Finishing at the top of her class in high school leaves no doubt she has a glowing future in front of her.

The LWC also awarded the Viola Phillips $1000 Scholarship.

Audrey Planner will apply the award to her studies at The Ohio State University. She plans to major in finance and marketing.  What stands out most for Audrey is her work serving the community.  Her service to the community of Loveland included a variety of works. She helped with the St. Columban Youth, helped with the elderly in the community, makes blankets for the homeless and coaches youth volleyball. Somehow she has also found time to help as a tutor with NEST along with assisting with their summer meals and activities programs the last four years. In fact, her work with NEST is the reason she was unable to attend the Loveland Woman’s Club meeting to be recognized as the Viola Phillips $1,000 Scholarship winner.  

In the message announcing the Scholarship Winners, the ladies of the Loveland Woman’s Club described all three young ladies best: “Remarkable Young Women!”

Loveland Beacon joins the Loveland Woman’s Club in offering congratulations and best wishes for the future to Abby Pawlikowski, Nicole Pedicini and Audrey Planner. Good Luck ladies and thank you for all you do for the community of Loveland.