By Steve Kovacs (Introduction by Chuck Gibson)

LOVELAND, OH (June 30, 2022) – In Issue 2022-115 of Steve Kovacs Fun with Maps, he takes us to the planet Krypton.


Superman first appeared in DC Comics on June 30, 1938.

He came from planet Krypton, presumed to be fictional yet to be so proven. 

Kryptonite, the naturally occurring crystals found on his home planet weakens the locals, even if they flew all the way to earth.  Interestingly, Kryptonite can harm humans upon long term exposure as well.  So, when you feel sluggish, just say “long term Kryptonite exposure”.

Did you know that Superman, Clark Kent, has a son, Jon Kent, starring in the comics currently?  Apparently, it was bit more than friendship with Lois Lane… 

This 1661 celestial chart by Cellarius shows the northern sky.  We might be able to make out the location of Krypton…

Cellarius’ celestial chart of the Northern Skies from 1661 (Credit Steve Kovacs)

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