World War II Honor Roll Monument part of Loveland History

By Chuck Gibson 

Historic WWII Monument on the move (Photo: Provided)

LOVELAND, OHIO – The former World War II Honor Roll Monument was moved from a local storage site to the grounds of the Loveland Museum Center (LMC) Monday, January 13.

 Jim Grethel was among several men who first used some muscle, then used heavy equipment to lift the “kiosk” onto a truck for the journey to the Loveland Museum Center. Once they arrived at LMC with the kiosk, a forklift was used to lower the historical piece off the truck and onto the grounds.

              The Kiosk made its way through Loveland by truck (Photo: Provided)

              The kiosk arriving at Loveland Museum Center Monday, January 13, 2020 (Photo: Provided)

Originally the octagon-shaped building was built as a World War II Honor Roll Monument. The design was created by local artist Carl Zimmerman. The purpose of the monument was to honor Loveland area men and women actively serving the country. Along with their names, the design featured emblems of all the different branches of the military.

It stood in the center of downtown Loveland approximately 1944-1953 very close to the current location of Montgomery Cyclery. 

Loveland Museum Center plans for a full restoration of the original World War II Honor Roll Monument. Efforts for this restoration project and permanent placement on the LMC grounds began over a year ago. Funds donated by Loveland Legacy Foundation and Heritage Advisory Council have been set aside for the restoration. The current total raised for the project is $1,750.

The exact cost of the restoration has not yet been determined.

An old photo shows the original WWII Honor Roll Monunent as it stood in Loveland during 1944-1953 (Photo reproduction: Chuck Gibson) 

Kiosk structurally sound, but in need of a lot of restoration work to bring it back to original design (Photo: Provided)

Kiosk on the grounds at Loveland Museum Center awaits restoration work (Photo:Chuck Gibson)

Loveland Museum Center welcomes, and greatly appreciates, any donation made to help offset expenses of the renovation.

 Donations can be made online at NOTE: Be sure to type in WWII Memorial to assure your donation is set aside for the restoration project. Donations can also be made by sending a check to LMC at 201 Riverside Ave. Loveland, OH 4510.