Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced in his press conference today Ohio Schools will remain closed for the rest of this school year -cites risk to stedents, teachers and spread of virus thru community

By Chuck Gibson 

LOVELAND, OH (Arpil 20,2020) – Saying the virus continues, and is dangerous, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced Ohio schools will not reopen this school year.

School parking lots and classrooms will remain empty for rest of this school year (Chuck Gibson) 

He cited concerns for the risk to students, teachers and the community at large of potential spread of the virus. DeWine also said there has been no decision on the reopening of schools in fall 2020 at this time. He also said there has been no decision on daycares yet, but the same concerns apply there. 

“We’re not telling schools how to do this, but the gathering of a significant number of people is dangerous,” DeWine tweeted. “So just as schools have been innovative in how to teach from a distance, I know they will be innovative as they find a way to honor students.” 

Loveland Beacon is in touch with Loveland City School District Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse right now. We’ll have her reaction right here on Loveland Beacon. Keep watch.