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LOVELAND, OH (July 2, 2024) – A Loveland teenager having some summer fun also happens to be an up and coming Indy Car racer in the USF-2000 Championship racing series.

Evagoras Papasavvas – LHS sophomore and USF-2000 Indy Championship Driver at the autograph table between races at Indy May 10, 2024 (Chuck Gibson)

Evagoras Papasavvas shares his summer fun and is ready to get back to racing on another edition of Loveland Beacon Talks: Sports Special.

He hasn’t been on the track since June 9th at Road America in Wisconsin. Evagoras Papasavvas has used the nearly month-long break in the USF-2000 racing season to do exactly what teenagers do during summer break from school. His highlights included a weekend in Indianapolis with two of his former Jay Howard Driver Development (JHDD) Team teammates. Big surprise! It wasn’t about racing though they did have some competitive race moments on a slot car racing track. It was about “hanging with friends” swimming, checking out some fresh dining spots in Indy and some ping pong. Evagoras also share some quality time with family and friends right here at home. That included volunteering with friends at the Greek Festival (The Panegyri Festival) held by the church he attends with his family.  

It was all great summer fun for the 16-year-old from Loveland, but he is ready and excited to get back to racing. He currently stands third in the 2024 USF-2000 driver championship standings – just 10 points out of second. He is optimistic has he heads back to Mid Ohio Sports Car Course to defend his victory there one year ago and find his first win of the 2024 season. They’ll test Thursday, July 4th, practice, qualify and race on Friday, July 5th, race again Saturday, and race again Sunday. It is a prime opportunity for Evagoras on the track he calls his home course. 

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