Fall 2019 production of “My Fair Lady” earns nominations for LHS students

NEWS RELEASE: Susanne Quigley, Chief Information Officer (Edited for Loveland Beacon by Chuck Gibson) 

LOVELAND, OH (May 7, 2020) – Students at Loveland High School (LHS) have received 14 Cappies nominations for the 2019 production of My Fair Lady.

Loveland High School Stage managers and crew (back row, left to right): Assistant Stage Manager Allison Kiehl, Stefan De Jongh, Millie Terselic, Ryan James, Gabe Collazo, Evan Miller, Molly McCort, and Stage Manager Samantha Weaver (front row, left to right): Adrianna Bell, Zack (Provided) 

The Loveland High School drama production of the musical ‘My Fair Lady’ in the fall of 2019 must seem like a lifetime ago for students involved. Memories of the outstanding production and performances must have come flooding back though as they received news of earning 14 Cappie nominations for their work. No matter the dramatic changes which have occured due to the coronavirus: schools closed, distance/remote learning, no spring production, no high-fives or hugs in the hallways – a virtual connection with teachers, and classmates to celebrate the news had to have been a most welcome moment of joy and light in the shadows cast by COVID-19. 

Trust me, I attended the performance back in the fall, these students, on stage and backstage, have all earned our congratulations for a job very well done. Hmm? Hope I get this right: Break a leg at the Cappie Gala -even if it is just one more virtual experience in this coronavirus world.  

The awards will be announced at the Cappies Gala on Thursday, May 28. The gala is usually held at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, but will be held virtually this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2019-2020 Loveland High School Cappies Nominations (My Fair Lady)

Special Effects/Technology: Amy Laufersweiler and Ava Swearingen

Sound: Adam Zdrojewski (lead), Evan Bell, Joshua Bryant, Jessica Ferrell, Ryan Griswold

Props: Jordan Lawrence (lead), Jade Bradford, Rosa Karl-Chacon, Cayleigh King

Orchestra: My Fair Lady Orchestra

Stage Management & Stage Crew: Samantha Weaver and Allison Kiehl (Stage Managers) and Crew of: Adrianna Bell, Marissa Christmann, Gabe Collazo, Stefan De Jongh, Ashley Dunlap, Ryan James, Evan Miller, Molly McCort, Zack Peebles and Millie Terselic

Ensemble in a Musical: Men’s Ensemble

Featured Actor in a Musical: Jude Wint as Professor Zoltan Karpathy

Featured Actress in a Musical: Keller Walls as Mrs. Eynsford-Hill

Male Vocalist: Calloway Hefner as Freddy Eynsford-Hill

Comic Actor in a Musical: Aidan McCracken as Alfred P. Doolittle

Supporting Actor in a Musical: William Gibbs-Heard as Colonel Pickering

Lead Actress in a Musical: Anna Colletto as Eliza Doolittle

Lead Actor in a Musical: Aiden Hubbard as Henry Higgins

Musical: My Fair Lady

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in the production of “My Fair Lady” Very well done.

Final Note: (For a full listing of 2019-20 nominations, visit The Cappies of Greater Cincinnati website.)

Loveland High School has been nominated for 14 Cappies for the fall 2019 production of “My Fair Lady.” (Photo credit: Steve Kovacs)

Scene from LHS production of ‘My Fair Lady’ which earned students 14 Cappie nominations (Photo credit Steve Kovacs)