Indian Hill High School students use technology to problem solve for real-world issues

NEWS RELEASE – Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL SCHOOLS – Educational freedom.

That is the heart of the learning for Innovation Lab students within Indian Hill High School (IHHS). Students have access to a 3D printer, and a desire to design solutions for real-life situations.

Indian Hill High School senior Matthew McClaren produced a puzzle in the shape of the Indian Hill logo for Superintendent Kirk Koennecke to present to younger students as an award. (Photo:Courtesy Indian Hill Schools) 

“It has made me more confident in my work, and I now have a better problem-solving process for other classes,” said IHHS student Matthew McClaren. This year, the senior was tapped with a special request from Superintendent Kirk Koennecke to design an award to present to younger Braves who are being recognized at Indian Hill Primary School and Indian Hill Elementary School through a new Eduhero program. McClaren designed a puzzle in the shape of the IH logo.

“I was blown away by his design,” said Superintendent Koennecke. “Even better – our primary and elementary students know the puzzle is very special because it was crafted by a fellow Brave; their faces light up when they hear this. Those moments are priceless because we are connecting our students to each other and showing them what older students are learning to do.”

“It’s all about giving students ownership within their school and providing a student-driven learning environment,” said Indian Hill High School teacher Vicky Mendoza, who mentors the Innovation Lab students. “By allowing students to lead and share in the decision-making processes in the media center, they find more relevance in what they are learning. Students have the opportunity to engage in real-world problem solving in an authentic environment and gain the confidence and interpersonal skills when working with one another.”


McClaren said it was a proud moment when he delivered his puzzle design to the superintendent; the project was also a favorite of IHHS sophomore Marina Anderson who just started the class this semester and is learning from McClaren.

“It shows another example of experiencing the real world even though we are still in school,” said Anderson. “It’s an outlet for creativity, and the possibilities feel endless.”

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