12 sets of twins celebrated graduation from Loveland High School Saturday, May 22, 2021

By Chuck Gibson (Special thanks to: Angela Laman (Mother of Laman Twins,  Peggy Johnson, LHS Principal, and Beth Renner, LHS office)

LOVELAND, OH (May 26, 2021)  – Yes 24 members of the 346 member Loveland High School (LHS) senior Class of 2021 are twins – that’s 12 sets of twins in one single graduating class. As incredible as that may seem, it does not qualify them for the Guiness Book of World Records in the category of most sets of twins in a single graduating class.

Loveland Primary School second grade class with 13 sets of twins – 2011 (Photo credit Cincinnati Enquirer Leigh Taylor)

In the beginning there were actually 13 sets of twins in what would eventually become this LHS senior Class of 2021. That beginning can be traced back to at least the year 2011 when these students were in second grade at Loveland Primary School (LPS). Back then, they were identified in a Cincinnati Enquirer story highlighting the fact more classrooms around the area were seeing an increase in multiple births (twins, triplets etc.) which were attributed to an increased use of fertility treatments and better survival rates due to medical advances.

The 13 sets of Loveland Primary School twins was good enough then for an unofficial tie for the Guiness Book of World Records  for most sets of twins in a single grade. Believe it, or not, the new official record for most sets of twins in one graduating class according to the Guiness Book of World Records is 44!  Yes 88 students/44 sets of twins were all members of the senior Class of 2018 at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Il. Good for them, it was also a graduating class of “slightly more than 1,000 students” according to the story published in the Chicago Tribune heralding the World Record. The LHS Class of 2021 included only 346 graduating seniors including the 12 sets of twins.

Here is a list of the 24 twins who graduated with the Loveland High School Class of 2021:

Diana & Teri Clark
Ellie & Kali Egan
Sam & Anthony Fowler
JJ & Jake Guentter (not pictured)
Alex & Hanna Laman
James & Matthew Lodge
Alex & Abbie Miller
Taylor & Tyler Miller-Bross
Clayton & Cole Nichols
Catrin & Gwen Palmer
Caitlin & Emily Reardon
Grace & Maddie Schamel 

Here are 11 of the 12 sets of twins in the LHS senior Class of 2021: Diana & Teri Clark Ellie & Kali Egan Sam & Anthony Fowler JJ & Jake Guentter (not pictured) Alex & Hanna Laman James & Matthew Lodge Alex & Abbie Miller Taylor & Tyler Miller-Bross Clayton & Cole Nichols Catrin & Gwen Palmer Caitlin & Emily Reardon Grace & Maddie Schamel (Photo Chuck Gibson)

Angela Laman remembers joining a “twins group” before giving birth to her twins Alex and Hannah Laman. She became friends with another mother expecting twins. Neither family lived in Loveland; in fact the other family lived in Deer Park at the time. Angela finds it amazing they both moved into Loveland where they continued their friendship and watched their children grow up and now graduate from Loveland High School together. Hannah Laman served as LHS Senior Class President and delivered a wonderful speech during graduation ceremonies at Cintas Center at Xavier University Saturday, May 22, 2021. She valued friendships with the other twins besides her own brother Alex throughout their school years.

“Some of my best friends through grade school have been twins,” said Hannah. “Two of my friends are identical twins. I got to go through classes with them through high school. I’ve been friends with many of the twins.”

Twins Hannah and Alex Laman in photo from 2nd grade at Loveland Primary School (Photo Credit Leigh Taylor for Enquirer)

Twins Alex and Hannah Laman, LHS senior Class of 2021 (Provided)

Hannah found it especially interesting to see the involvement with all the different twins and how they shared the same social groups. It did not necessarily translate to relying on one another for advice on growing up as twins. She says each found their own niche through the years. Of course her mom pointed out Hannah and Alex were one of only a couple boy/girl twins with most being girl/girl or boy/boy twins.

“I was mostly pretty different from the rest of them because our social groups were the most different I’d say,” Hannah explained. “A lot of the other twins were boy/boy or girl/girl. They were both in soccer, or both played volleyball or things like that. We were kind of an anomaly as compared to the rest of them.”

Her brother Alex agreed with his twin-sister Hannah that he knew the other sets of twins in varying degrees.

“Some I’ve been closer with,” said Alex. “Again, a lot of them, because there were more girl/girl, I haven’t been best friends with as many of them as Hannah has. I think it’s pretty interesting because our school is unique in that capacity with 12 sets of twins. That’s not something other schools have.”

Alex pointed out his observance of how the twins changed from early middle school to high school developing into various social groups. Another interesting aspect of the development of their social growth can be found in plans for their future education. While both Alex and Hannah Laman will continue their education in college at the University of Cincinnati, neither is specifically aware any of the other twins will also be attending U.C.  Hannah and Alex attending the same school was not even by design.

“Some of them may be going to U.C., but I think we are the only set going to the same school,” Alex said. Hannah was equally unaware of any other set of twins going to U.C. “We each had our own ideas about what we wanted in a school. We kind of came together on U.C. Hannah and I were looking at fairly disparate schools and then it just ended up we’re going to the same school. It’s kind of funny how that is.”

“We probably had the most similar majors out of all the sets of twins,” Hannah added. “A lot of them are very different in that regard.”

Kali and Ellie Egan might fit that “very different” college major category Hannah mentioned. Kali plans to attend the University of Dayton while her twin sister Ellie is headed to Ohio State University in the fall. Another of the LHS Class of 2021 twins, the Egan girls were featured in the piece written 10 years ago when they were all in second grade at LPS. The Egan’s still have the newspaper clipping and photo.

Twins Ellie and Kali Egan as seen in the second grade photo 10 years ago at LPS (Photo Credit Leigh Taylor Enquirer)

Twins Kali and Ellie Egan in their cap n gown at LHS Class of 2021 graduation Saturday, May 22, 2021 (Provided)

“In Kindergarten and first grade we knew a couple sets of twins,” said Kali. “That was really fun to stay friends all the way up through high school. It was fun. There was always a bunch of twins.”

Kali says it helped to have other sets of twins to sort of compare notes while growing up as a twin.

“We definitely understand their relationships better,” Kali said. “Obviously sometimes you get mad at each other, but we flipped that switch so fast. We could go from fighting with each other to not fighting in like 30 seconds. It was similar with all the other twins too; especially the ones we were closer with.”

Ellie Egan says coming to the close of their school years in Loveland, and graduation has been really crazy, but sharing the experience with so many other sets of twins was most unique.

“I think it was really special to always know we had someone going through the same thing,” said Ellie. “It was like you always had a built-in best friend. It was super-cool because of all the other activities with other twins. We connected pretty easily with that.”

It’s obvious being a twin among other sets of twins has been a big part of Ellie Egan’s Loveland school experience. She has a clear memory going back to that newspaper story from second grade.

“I do. We still have the newspaper,” Ellie said. She’s excited about seeing the side-by-side photos from graduation last Saturday and the newspaper photo from 10 years ago. “That’ll be so cool.” 

This has certainly been a big week for the twins from Loveland High School with graduation on the weekend and Kali and Ellie actually celebrate their 18th birthday this Thursday, May 27th. Ellie did not know the current record for most twins in one graduating class. “Oh my gosh, that’s insane!” was her response when hearing 88 twins, 44 sets in one class is the official Guiness World Record since 2018. Dr. Kathryn Lorenz, Loveland School Board President simply said: “I saw a lot of faces that looked the same.” while she handed out their diplomas at the graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 22. 

The twins have graduated – 12 sets, 24 seniors from a graduating class of 346 at Loveland High School in 2021. That equates to 7-percent of the entire class. It is just one more very special thing about this unique school year in Loveland, Ohio and around the nation.  

“It’s just crazy,” Ellie said. “We never really thought anything of it. They were just all of our friends, a bunch of twins. We never thought it was out of the normal to have that many.”