LaRosa family makes $100,000 contribution to start fund established to help bring relief to the LaRosa’s employees impacted by COVID-19

By Chuck Gibson

 CINCINNATI, OH (April 9, 2020) – LaRosa’s announced they have established a “Team Member Relief Fund” to help the nearly 4,000 “Team Members” in their 65 pizzerias throughout the area.

LaRosa Family sets up “Team Member Relief Fund” with $100,000 contribution (Photo Chuck Gibson)

Nearly all LaRosa’s team has been affected by measures taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus. Closure of schools and child day care operations have created major challenges for team members who are also parents. Closed dining rooms virtually eliminated work hours for others. It all adds up to lost income they normally depend on.

The establishment of the “LaRosa’s Team Member Relief Fund” will provide much needed support and relief to the team members they call “our family”. The actual LaRosa Family is starting the fund off with a $100,000 contribution. They recognize the outpouring of community support with continued carry out orders and the addition of curbside pick-up orders during the COVID-19 closure of dining room service. It helps. 

In Loveland, Sam David operates the local LaRosa’s pizzeria restaurant on Loveland-Madeira Road. He too is very appreciative of the overwhelming support shown by the Loveland community. Like other local restaurant owners, his staff has accepted the challenge of delivering quality meals safely to continue to feed the public and stay afloat during this COVID-19 crisis. David is doing everything possible to stay open and keep the team working and safe.

 “We appreciate the great job our team members are doing,” said David. “We franchise owners embrace and fully support this effort. And it’s a great way to support our community.”

LaRosa’s pizzeria restaurant on Loveland-Madeira Rd in Loveland is operated by Sam David (Photo Chuck Gibson) 

The relief fund effort also offers a great way for the community to support the LaRosa’s team members during the COVID-19 response.

Here’s how you can help: Buy a Buddy Card. Donate directly to the fund.  LaRosa’s is selling “Buddy Cards” for only $10 when you order at any of their pizzerias. Each card has multiple offers for “buy any large pizza, get a large cheese pizza FREE” for pick-up (or dine-in once dining rooms reopen). The cards are good for a whole year and ALL proceeds will go to the Relief Fund. Not only that, but the LaRosa Family will match Buddy Card sales – dollar for dollar – up to an additional $250,000. That would mean a personal donation totaling $350,000 from the LaRosa Family to bring relief and support to their extended LaRosa’s Pizzeria family/Team Members.

LaRosa’s wants to help you too. Right now, customers can use any active Buddy Card – new or even previously purchased – as you normally would without any deal offers being deducted from your Buddy Card. That way a customer can use the card as many times as they like until dining rooms open again.

Buy a Buddy Card in person at any LaRosa’s Pizzeria:

Order online or using the LaRosa’s app

You can order one when you call 513-347-11111 or 888-LaRosas

They’ll even bring your new Buddy Card with a delivery order.

Don’t need a Buddy Card? But want to help!   You can donate to the LaRosa’s Team Member Relief Fund using the same methods: online, the app, or by phone with any order.

Click here to visit LaRosa’s online