EZ pick-up at Loveland Farmer’s Market Tuesday’s 3- 6:30 p.m.

INFORMATION UPDATE: From Loveland Farmer’s Market

LOVELAND, OH (May 18, 2020) – The Farmer’s Market has received high praise for ease of ordering and pick-up since Opening Day 2020, May 5th. You can still get your order in for this week. Here’s the latest from LFM: 

Tuesday May 5, was opening day for Loveland Farmer’s Market 2020 (Chuck Gibson) 



3:00 pm – 6:30 pm

With the unseasonably chilly weather for our first 2 weeks of operation, this drive-thru market setup has proven to be quite the luxury! Everyone gets to stay warm and snug inside their vehicles!

Thanks so much for the warm smiles, the thumbs up, and all the good cheer you bring to the market.  We certainly appreciate the tremendous support you continue to show our hard-working vendors by embracing this new ordering/pick-up process. Isn’t it great to enjoy the fruits of their labors once again — fresh, delicious, and hand-selected just for you. 

For the next few weeks, we will continue to operate solely as a pre-order, prepaid, drive-thru market.  This social distancing is to protect everyone’s health and safety.  So continue to connect with your favorite vendors to place your orders — just scroll down to the vendor list below for those details. 

We do have some guidelines for everyone to follow so the drive-thru market operates as smoothly as possible.  We won’t guarantee perfection, but we promise to do our best!  So please bear with us during these first few weeks of operation.  Here’s how you can help us make this work for everyone:

  • The market will open promptly at 3:00 p.m. and close at 6:30.  Please do not arrive before 3:00 as we cannot open until all vendors have completed their setup.
  • Please consider arriving at different times throughout the late afternoon so as not to overwhelm our vendors with traffic. 
  • To keep things flowing smoothly, there is a designated traffic pattern through the market.  Volunteers will be on hand to direct you through the pick-up lanes.  Click on this link to see the market  layout and traffic pattern:  LFM Drive-Thru Map
  • Please remain in your vehicle as you proceed through the pick-up lanes.
  • Open your trunk or roll down a rear window so your orders can be placed in your vehicle.
  •  Write your last name and the vendors you have ordered from on a piece of paper (or use this handy form Customer Order List), then keep it visible to our volunteers as you drive through the market.  This will help us expedite the order pick-up process.  
  • All orders must be prepaid — vendors will not be doing spur-of-the-moment sales at the market.  We cannot process credit cards, accept SNAP tokens, or handle cash.

It’s always exciting to launch a new market season and to see all of our wonderful friends shopping the market.  We do look a bit different behind our face masks, but rest assured we’re the same friendly team, and we’re committed to bringing you a wonderful array of savory goodness that you’ve come to expect from our market.

See you on Tuesday!

Woody, Donna, Peggy,  Janine, Kathy, Emily, DeeAnn, Carolynn, Bertha, Ali, Nancy and Jay
The LFM Team –

205 Broadway Street (Linda Cox Parking Lot) 
between Loveland Hardware and Loveland Canoe & Kayak
(near the railroad trestle)  

Here’s how to order your favorites from our superstar vendors!


Jaybird Farms – Sardinia
Place your order before 12:00 noon on Monday
Visit the website:   www.jaybirdfarms.com
E-mail us at:    vivian@jaybirdfarms.com
Call us:  513-633-5218
Herb, vegetable, and flower plants.  Microgreens.  Jams and jellies.  Lavender products.  

Midget Greens  Lebanon
No specific order deadline
Place orders at: https://forms.gle/9JuDBxcmr89RuDDs7
Immune-boosting. Nutrient-dense. Flavor-FULL.  LIVE Non-GMO microgreens on a natural coconut mat. 

Rice Family Harvest – Oregonia
Place your order before 12:00 noon on Sunday 
Place orders at: https://ricefamilyharvest.com/market/loveland
E-mail us through the website at:    www.ricefamilyharvest.com
Fresh seasonal produce.

Salatin’s Fruit Farm – Moore’s Hill, Indiana
Returning to the market in June. 

West Family Produce – Hillsboro
Returning to the market in June.


TS Farms – New Vienna
Place your order before midnight on Sunday 
Place orders at:  WWW.tsfarmsoh.com
Frozen and ready-to-eat meats; fresh eggs, honey. 


A Mother’s Touch Cakes – Cincinnati
Place your order before 4:00 p.m. on Monday
Place orders at:  www.amotherstouchcakes.com
Gourmet cakes/cupcakes and other baked goods using all-natural ingredients.  Vegan and gluten-free varieties available.

Blue Oven Bakery – Williamsburg 
Place your order before 9:00 a.m. on Saturday 
Visit the website:  www.blueovenbakery.com 
Wood-fired baked goods including breads, English muffins and pastries.

Cheesecakes by Ken — Loveland
Place your order before midnight on Monday
Place orders at:  https://www.cheesecakesbyken.com/loveland-farmers-market-menu/
E-mail us at:  ken@cheesecakesbyken.com 
Visit the website for available varieties:  www.cheesecakesbyken.com 

Diane’s Heavenly Delights – Liberty Twp.
Place your order before 1:00 p.m. on Monday 
E-mail us at:   grandmaboynton@ gmail.com  
Call us:  513-777-5915
Cookies ($3.50 per bag or 2 bags for $6.00): Chocolate Chip, Honey Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Scotchies, Orange Delights, Peanut Butter, Triple Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Heath Chunks with Chocolate Chips, Mega Medley and M&M. 
Breads ($4 each) Poppy Seed, Banana Chocolate Chip, Banana, Banana Nut, Lemon Blueberry, Zucchini, Zucchini Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, and Apple.
Muffins ($3 each):  Zucchini with cream cheese frosting
$1.00 items:  Large Chocolate Chip and Polka Dot Macaroons

Five One Three Bagel Company – Cincinnati
Place your order before 8:00 a.m. on Sunday
Place orders at:  https://five-one-three-bagel-co.square.site/
Made from scratch classic and specialty bagels.

Wittmeyer White Oak Valley Farm – Loveland
Place your order before 12:00 noon on Monday 
Visit the website:  summersquashpizzacrusts.com   At the prompt, type in “Loveland Market”
Text / Call us:  513-404-1238
Summer Squash Pizza Crusts, Zucchini Cornbread, Zucchini Bread, and Chocolate Chip Zucchini Walnut Muffins. Pizza Crusts are ready for toppings and make a quick, delicious dinner. They can be frozen to save for future dinner plans!


Ilan’s Raw Chocolate – Cincinnati 
Place your order before 12:00 noon on Tuesday
E-mail us at:  chelsie@IlansRawChocolateUSA.com
Call us at:  513-716-5185
May SPECIALS – $18/box plus ONE FREE Classic with every purchase (regular price is $20).  Buy 5 boxes, get 1 box FREE!
9 chocolates per box – mix and match of your choice!  Whatever 9 chocolates you want – you get! Our 8 flavors are: Classic, Classic with Cherries, Classic with Cranberries, Classic with Dried Almonds, Classic with Coffee Beans, Classic with Orange, Dipped Coconut and Dipped Date.
We specialize in organic, gourmet 70% Peruvian dark chocolate. Our dark chocolate is imported from an organic, fair-trade farm in the Amazon in Peru. It is naturally vegan, gluten-free, keto-friendly and unmatched in taste and texture. Our products are sweetened with Grade A organic maple syrup and hand-crafted for you in micro-batches.  

Kofinas Olive Oil – Cincinnati
Place your order before 12:00 noon on Tuesday 
Visit the website:   www.kofinasoliveoil.com — select “local pick up, Loveland FM”
Call us:  513-325-5502
Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and infused olive oils. 

Made Like Iron – Cincinnati
Email us at: tomobrien@madelikeiron.com
Text or call: 513-319-0671
Order on the website: www.madelikeiron.com  Use Promo Code: PREORDER
Items available:
1/2 lb. bag – Made Like Iron Special Reserve – GROUND COFFEE
1/2 lb. bag – Made Like Iron Special Reserve – WHOLE BEAN
1 lb. bag – Made Like Iron Special Reserve – GROUND COFFEE
1 lb. bag – Made Like Iron Special Reserve – WHOLE BEAN
Custom Made Like Iron Coffee Mug


Mary’s Homemade Goodies – Williamsburg
Place your order before 12:00 noon on Tuesday 
Place orders at: https://forms.gle/5sRfss9biw3rqUEB6 
Message me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Marys.homemade.goodies.and.produce/?ref=bookmarks  
Email us at: marys.homemade.goodies@gmail.com 
Call us:  513-724-7823
Unique jams, jellies and butters to enjoy on a bagel, slice of toast, as a glaze for meat or over cream cheese with crackers and wine. We have flavors to suit every need!  Approximately 95% of our ingredients are sourced locally; many off our family farm in Williamsburg.

Pickled Paradise – Hamilton 
Place your order before 12:00 noon on Monday
Order on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pickleguy24/
Pickles, salsa, and hummus.  

Russo’s Ravioli – Cincinnati
Place your order before 12:00 noon on Monday
Order on the website:   Russo’s Ravioli
Assorted raviolis.


Winning Edge Mobile Sharpening – Cincinnati
Place orders by midnight Sunday then drop off your items (along with a card/paper that has your name, cell phone number and email address) at the market on Tuesday

Questions? Contact Jay Fridy at (513) 371-8997 or jay@winsharpmobile.com 
Offering knife and gardening hand tool sharpening.

Other Special Treats at the Market!

For the time being, we are suspending musical entertainment, the Kids’ Patch activities, and our educational presentations.  We hope to offer these fun, festive events a bit later in the season.  Stay tuned! 

205 Broadway Street
between Loveland Hardware and Loveland Canoe & Kayak
(near the railroad trestle