Creating protective masks is the way Indian Hill Primary School and Indian Hill Elementary School students are giving back during COVID-19 pandemic

NEWS RELEASE: Heather Higdon, Director of Communications

INDIAN HILL, OH (April 16, 2020) – Indian Hill Primary School first grade student Caroline Skeldon and Indian Hill Elementary School fourth grade student Caroline Roeder are Braves who share more than just the same first name.

Indian Hill Primary School First Grade student Caroline Skeldon is creating COVID-19 masks (Provided)

Each student decided to put their sewing skills to the test and have worked independently to create protective masks to help combat COVID-19.

Caroline Skeldon is using the sewing machine that was her seventh birthday gift to follow the pattern approved by medical officials. She makes and donates masks to family, friends, and nurses.

“Everyone said great job,” said Skeldon. “My grandparents’ friends said they are so happy and that the masks could save their lives. Our friend said she feels so protected.” 

Skeldon got the idea from watching her family members and their friends participating. She wanted to join in to help others. Her mother, Elaine, said the entire family has also felt inspired to help others because of Indian Hill educators.

Indian Hill Elementary School fourth grade student Caroline Roeder is alos createing COVID-19 masks (Provided) 

“We love our Brave family!” said Elaine Skeldon. “It has been so inspiring to see the amazing work that our teachers have done to transform to an online learning environment. Following Facebook and Twitter and seeing the amazing things happening with other Indian Hill School District families is so inspiring. I share so much of that with my children, and it is proof positive that the Indian Hill community fosters so much love, creativity, and ingenuity. We can all find something positive during this unprecedented time to serve our community. Focusing on the positive and what we CAN do feels so good and can be extremely rewarding. We are so proud to be Braves!”

For Caroline Roeder, inspiration came from an aunt who works as a nurse practitioner at the Cleveland Clinic and requested the young designer’s help. She has orders for close to 350 masks, and has made around 200. Roeder is charging $5 per mask, and is using proceeds to help provide donations to companies supporting healthcare workers – like Mio’s Pizza in Clifton. Roeder said Mio’s delivers pizzas to area hospitals on select Fridays to feed healthcare providers working on the front line. 


“It has been nice to have something to do during quarantine, and sewing is fun,” said Roeder.

Her mother, Betsy, agrees, “She is super organized and has the drive to get it done considering it has turned into quite a big task!”

Giving back has proven to be the reward for a job well done for each Brave.

“Being a helper feels really good,” said Caroline Skeldon. “I am doing this so that people can stay healthy, and that makes me feel really good.”

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