By Indian Hill High School Senior Manasi Singh

50 West Founder Bobby Slattery has tasked students with helping to create a unique dining experience.

“We are very excited to be working with the students at Indian Hill,” said Slattery. “Seems like yesterday I was in their shoes sitting in class at Indian Hill. The projects that grabbed my attention were always the ones where I felt like I could make an impact. The space we are building is intended to attract families around the area. Letting the students imagine, strategize, and help design a space intended for them to enjoy made a whole lot of sense, and we can’t wait to see what they can come up with.”

Slattery’s company is working directly with senior marketing students. The assignment is for students to help develop a design for the outdoor area of the restaurant, and includes finding ways to advertise, determining target market, and idea-generating about how best to engage customers to make the restaurant a success.

“It gave us an opportunity to do something in class that could potentially be happening in a couple weeks,” said IHHS student Callie O’Dell.

This project is eye-opening to the real world,” added IHHS student Cam Macke.

The students have been working on the 50 West project since the beginning of September; the ideas are scheduled to be implemented in November. The new restaurant will be located off Wooster Pike in Mariemont, near 50 West.

“The opportunity to work with a company like 50 West is an ideal way to see our ideas to come to life in the community,” said IHHS/Great Oaks marketing teacher Susan Schonauer.

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Photo caption: 50 West is working with Indian Hill High School marketing classes to provide real-world experience for Braves.